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Madrid is the capital of our country and as such, it has a very interesting history to tell in every corner. That is the reason why in Es.cultura we decide to organize different historical activities to discover the city. So, if you are looking for a team building in Madrid to learn more about the city and have fun with your team at the same time, you are at the right place. Our DMC agencies in Spain, recommend you different of our routes to challenge your team and delight them all at once. All of that thanks to our “Madrid of the Austrians” and “Zarzuela Route” team building. Participants need to complete a series of tasks while discovering every monument and place in the city, its heritage and secrets.

Madrid of the Austrians

Every task of this role game is designed to make teamwork the central key. It is implied some kind of learnings about history and monuments in the city. In this way, the participants learn about local culture with the collaboration of the locals. At the same time that enjoy the secrets, people, patrimony and curiosities that we offer them. One of the activities is a Team Building especially designed for your events in Madrid.

Kind of tasks:

  • Dynamics or mobiles: it would be one of the characters (characterized), that will be found in a specific place marked at the plan. This character will ask you to achieve some tasks.
  • Fixed: It will be developed in a place with tourist interest (convents, palace houses, churches, museums, fortresses, etc.) The tasks will be directly related to the place where they are located.
  • Interrelationship: Spain is a very living country, with their people and customs. Here we try that our friends know the locals.

The tasks could be designed exclusively for the company, taking into consideration the participants profile as well as the company goals (outdoor training/team building) and its relation with the products, markets and other details involved with the company activity.

We move to the pure Madrid epoque and discover how and where the zarzuela was born through the walk-in to La Gran Vía, the Verbena de La Paloma, La Revoltosa or Agua, Azucarillos and Aguardiente… Within no doubt, a different way to discover Madrid and all its charm. Through characters such as “la chulapa”, “el organillo”, etc. and Zarzuela artistic perfomances. This is one of our most popular events in Madrid.

Madrid is full of history and attracted by its customs. Tons of people come every year to discover the hidden charms of our country.

In this occasion, we offer you everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable visit. For the singularity of every place and monuments you would visit and discover one of the most famous music genre of Spain internationally: The Zarzuela.

Zarzuela Team Building Madrid

The Zarzuela is a piece of theatrical music or scenic music genre born in Spain with instrumental, vocal (solos, duos, chorus…) and speaking parts. It will be differentiated from the opera due to the fact that The Zarzuela is singing in Spanish and include speaking parts instead of the recital singing of the opera.

Epoque characters such as “la chulapa” and “el organillo” and artistic performances of The Zarzuela would be showing during the show. Rekindling the great radiance of the small genre in Madrid.

Walking into a square or arriving into a key monument of the city, you will find a pair of “chulapos”. They will surprise the first group with Zarzuela’s songs that represent Doña Francisquita scene. Or the sound of an organ that moves you to those days… Step by step, you will discover the Zarzuela world from its origin. It is interpreted in various forms, styles, and in a spontaneous way in front of the participants.

Inside every monument, the guides will take their prominence because they will be coordinated by our visitors from the past.

With Es.Cultura Events, every event is unique

Contact us to find out more information on the “Madrid of the Austrians” and “Zarzuela Route” event.  Es.cultura is your DMC based in Spain that organizes these team building activities 100% under its own production. That is means that you will not need another event planner in Madrid. Contact us to have fun with your team in Madrid!

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