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DMC Malaga Wine AdventureSince the very beginning of Es.cultura Events, Malaga has been one of our favourite locations to plan events. To this day it is one of the most popular destinations for incentive travel in the country and one of the most coveted areas by DMC in Spain. Over the past 20 years, we’ve come up with all types of ideas for incentive events and team building activities, yet few of our creations have turned out to be as complete as our Wine Adventure! A uniquely entertaining concoction that mixes both incentive and team building mechanisms, and that happens to be one of our most solicited activities by DMC in Malaga. A sensory experience guaranteed to please! Read on for more information on our activity and why it is so popular with DMC in Malaga.

Outline of the activity

DMC Malaga Wine AdventureWe propose an entertaining cultural route in Malaga’s sunny streets to discover one of Spain’s best exports: its wine culture. A tour that will take us through many locations including Malaga’s famous wineries (“bodegas”) and other historical locations in the city centre linked to the wine industry. Participants learn about the city’s culture and history all the while completing a series of team building tasks. During the tour and in each activity, our team of local professionals teaches the winemaking process and tells the history and curiosities of the city and its heritage. An entertaining day that is part incentive and part team building, and which has been popular with DMC in Malaga for many years.

Why DMC in Malaga love our Wine Adventure

dmc in malaga wine routeHere are some of the reasons why DMC in Malaga love our Wine Adventure:

  • discover the city of Malaga: embark on a cultural journey that takes you through various points of interest in the city all the while learning about Spain’s wine culture
  • a perfect blend between cultural incentive and team building activity
  • a tasteful and creative activity that delights at every moment
  • 100% customisable to match our clients’ needs
  • 100% our own production: you won’t find this wine adventure anywhere else!

Experience it for yourself!

If you are a DMC in Malaga or if you’re planning to travel to the province, try our Wine Adventure out for yourself! Our team of professional events planners in Spain will know exactly how to make you live an unforgettable experience in Malaga. Contact us to plan your travel and events in Malaga or in the rest of Spain. Interested in other destinations in Spain? Find inspiration in our other posts such as this one on our most solicited event by DMC in Madrid, or this list of 10 ideas for team building in Spain or from our introduction to incentives in Spain.

Es.cultura Events, event planner in Spain since 1997.

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