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Are you looking forward to going with your team to the great city of Valencia? If you are planning an incentive travel to Valencia with your company, we have good news for you. Es.cultura Events has worked with many DMC in Valencia for many years and the most recommended activity is the Ciudad Fallera visit. One of our most famous outdoor activities in Spain.



The Fallas is the main celebration of Valencia. In medieval Valencian language, the world ”Falla” was used to name the torch that was located in the watchtower. Its origin was born in XVII century when the guild of carpenters burned the shavings and old junks in a purifying bonfire during the eve of patron saint San José. Cleaning the workshops before the springtime.

The Fallas normally consists of a figure or central composition of some meters of high. The highest figure gets over 30 meters, surrounded by numerous figures called “Ninots”. They are made by cardboard, polyurethane (nowadays, this material is being replaced for others like expanded polystyrene, lighter and mouldable) and sustained by wood. They include signs written in Valencian language explaining the meaning of each scenography. Always with a critic and satiric sense. “La cremà” is the closing ceremony of the celebration. It consists of the burning of fallero monuments in the streets of Valencia 19th March.


Everyone who visits Valencia knows that this city has an especial charming. What makes you remember it for a long long time. In our Ciudad Fallera visit, we want to introduce you to the Valencian culture. The best way to do that is experiencing the fallero Museum where you can impregnate yourself with The Fallas scents.

After that guided visit, we will propose you to walk the fallera city. The assistants will continue their route visiting the various workshops of fallero’s artists where the own artists would explain the different techniques they use to create the famous Ninots. As well as some curiosities about this celebration. If we are lucky, we could see the latest artworks that they have been working on through the last months.


But, what is the fallera city? That’s a good question. The fallera city (ciutat fallera) is a neighborhood located in the north of the city where you can find most of the fallero’s workshops. Some of the most prominent develop there their own artworks. Valencia has several places where the artisans work really hard the whole year. As well as the fallero Museum that show the evolution of the celebration from its beginning at XVII century.

Finally, we will make our own Ninot referring to the theme of their company, logo, etc. in the workshop. And they will take with them as a souvenir. Other option could be to enjoy of the traditional horchata and cartons de Alboroya brought by the best producer of this yummy Valencian sweet.

Experience it for yourself!

If you are a DMC in Valencia or you are just planning to travel to the city to enjoy the Ciudad Fallera visit, our team of events planner in Spain would be really glad to help you with everything you will need. Contact us through your usual DMC in Spain! And if you are interested in other destinations you can find inspiration in other posts such as DMC in Madrid, DMC in Malaga, DMC in Barcelona.

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