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At Es.Cultura Events the strategy and creativity are the essences of all our projects. Activities such as team building, theme routes, Rally Cinema, gastronomic workshop… Can you imagine it? At Es.Cultura Events we can do it!

Why do we recommend an event agency in Barcelona?

Event Agency Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the biggest and important cities in Spain with so many opportunities. That is what we like about it. Barcelona allows an event agency to be more creative and free to organize unique activities.

This city has a great harbor in the Mediterranean Sea that makes its doors open to the rest of the world. With over 2.000 years of history, it is also really notorious in the cultural sector with a great group of actors, actresses and filmmakers as well as artworks known all around the world.

And what about the gastronomy in Barcelona? The whole Catalonia has traditional plates and counts on several Michelin awarded restaurants that set this city at the international spotlight. Do you know about our gastronomic teambuilding in Barcelona?

Why Barcelona is one of our favourite destination for events?

Barcelona is full of vanguard spaces and has several resources to host events of different dimensions. Can you imagine your MICE Event taking place at Fira de Montjuïc or Fira Barcelona? This city enjoys also close proximity to both coast and mountains that offer us a wide range of possibilities to organize sports activities.

What kind of activities can you enjoy in Barcelona?

The knowledge of the history and culture of the city together to the experience of an event agency in Barcelona allow them to offer a great variety of creative activities. From Sand Challenge to Rally Gaudí, where you can follow the steps of this well-known artist. You can also try some of our most famous tapas with our The Boquería Adventure or let us organize your next MICE Event. Everything you need, we will help you with our experience and creativity.

Team Building Nautica
Gastronomic Route
Sand Team building

Why hire an event agency in Barcelona?

Organize an event or a team building activity for your company isn’t easy. We understand you, really. You should take so many things into account for your activity to be a great success.

For these reasons, we recommend you to hire an event agency in Barcelona. They have a specialized team that organizes and plans the event for you, they also know the event sectors and can get great discounts for your activity. It is all about the experience of the team you work with. You just have to sit and relax. Everything is under control with an event agency in Barcelona!

Contact with us for more information about an event agency in Barcelona

At Es.cultura Events we have the capability to adapt ourselves to your needs, our productions are 100% personalized and we are over 20 years of experience.

Do you have questions about what is an event agency or where to find an event agency in Barcelona? Contact us through this email or calling us (34) 902 194 735. No commitment involved.

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