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innovative technology in eventsTechnology has turned our everyday lives upside down. New and innovative technologies are constantly emerging and integrating our daily lives. They have also taken centre stage in the world of events, bringing a considerable amount of added value to events, and with it, a great amount of originality and creativity. Technology helps us capture the audience’s attention and draw it in to whatever we are tying to sell or promote. Let’s discover some of the new and innovative technologies that are available in the world of events.


Live streaming is the act of broadcasting an event live over the internet. It removes the need for attendeees to physically attend the event. It offers as an alternative the option to follow the debates and presentations from the comfort of their homes or from the workplace. Streaming allows event organisers to maximise their audience. Watch this example of Apple live streaming its Keynote conference on 5th june.

Video Mapping

Video mapping is growing in popularity and is one of the most sought after innovative technologies in the events industry. Video mapping is essentially a projection on solid objects (such as a building) with animated lighting effects that turn mundane and motionless objects or surfaces into 3D interactive displays. Video mapping (also known as Projection mapping) is truly revolutionnary in a number of industries including in events, where it is predominantly used to capture the audience’s attention. Here is an example of video mapping with Nike who used it during the launch of Michael Hordan’s latest shoe model in New York.


No need to travel into the future to witness the wonders of holograms: we already have them! In a recent example in France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon used holograms to deliver his political conference simultaneously to multiple crowds in multiple locations. Stephen Hawking also famously delivered a speech at a conference in Hong Kong via the use of holograms and never actually set foot in the venue.


Drones have been in fashion for some time now. Armed with remote-controlled high resolution cameras, drones are capable of taking photos ad videos and capture your event from the most impossible of aerial angles. They are also useful for a number of other purposes including in the more innovative team building activities.


Back to the future? Once again, there is no need to imagine a distant future where we can finally meet face to face with a robot. We already have robots! And they are well represented in the world of events. They draw in audiences, delight potential buyers, interact with your prospects, and fulfill a number of roles depending on your intentions at the event. A forward-thinking addition that adds a lot of value to your event.

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