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corporate events in SpainSpain is one of the top destinations for corporate events and incentive programmes in the world. With its favourable weather, beautiful landscapes, rich culture, delicious gastronomy, and its wide array of destinations that range from the largest metropolitan areas of Madrid and Barcelona to the lesser popular wonders of Cadiz and Salamanca, Spain is an attractive destination for MICE tourism. Having spent over 20 years organising team building in Spain and a number of productions for incentive travel to Spain, we have explored every possible opportunity the country has to offer. Here is a list of 10 themes for your corporate events in Spain:

  1. #1 Cultural events
  2. #2 Cinematographic events
  3. #3 Gastronomic events
  4. #4 Nature-orientated events
  5. #5 Musical events
  6. #6 Festive events
  7. #7 Nautical events
  8. #8 Indoor events
  9. #9 CSR events
  10. #10 Connected events

#1 Cultural events

cultural corporate events in SpainSpain has a very rich culture and history, and we at Es.cultura Events have put our best efforts into creating team building activities and other productions for incentive events that are centred around the country’s culture and history.

Take, for example, our rallye in Valencia or our Zarzuela Route in Madrid. In both productions, participants discover the city and its history through an interactive walking tour of the city, accompanied by a troupe of actors that incarnate famous or typical characters of the city’s history.

#2 Cinematographic events

film-making eventsLights, Camera, Actions! Dazzle your attendees with an event centred around Spain’s most famous film director Pedro Almodovár. Explore the universe of one of the most influential directors in Europe and Latin America, with a walking tour in the streets of Madrid, where he settled aged 18. Discover the streets, the cafés, and the spots most frequented by the famous director and learn all about his life and his works thanks to our Rallye Almodovár.

Why not combine this activity with one of our film-making team building activities and film your own movie scene, music video clip, or television commercial with your team? We cover this event in more detail on our page on team building in Barcelona.

#3 Gastronomic events

gastronomic events SpainPaella, tortilla, tapas… just some of the many Spanish specialities that are known internationally and that attract thousands and thousands of visitors to this country each year. Would you like to discover all of Spain’s culinary specialities and, better yet, learn how to cook them?

Es.cultura Events offers you a selection of corporate cooking events and culinary workshops in which you can both savour and prepare some of Spain’s finest tapas and dishes. Take, for example, our paella workshop that we usually organise in one of Valencia‘s most visited spaces: the Albufera park. More information on this activity is available in our post dedicated to team building in Valencia.

You might also like to try our team building cooking event based on the famous television show MasterChef. As a third option, why not try a tapas route in the heart of Barcelona? You can find more information on our tapas route in this page about incentive travel to Barcelona. These are just three of the types of gastronomic events that we organise in Spain.

#4 Nature-orientated events

team building natureEscape your daily routine and the constant buzz of the city with a day out in the countryside! Es.cultura Events will take you to a typical Spanish country house and farm where you will be able to participate in a variety of outdoor activities: a game of polo mounted on donkeys, bull races, quad car rides, and much more. Let loose in some of our wildest productions for corporate events in Spain.

#5 Musical events

musical corporate events SpainDiscover Spain’s most typical musical styles with a music-themed corporate event. You could try our Zarzuela Route (mentioned above) and learn all about Spain’s famous classical genre in one of our most popular events in Madrid.

Alternatively, we offer a range of activities and workshops focused on flamenco music and dance. Our workshops can be held anywhere in Spain, but we highly recommend you discover them in the heart of Andalusia: Seville. Learn from our team of professionals the rhythms of rumbas and sevillanas, how to play the Spanish cajón and castagnettes, and more. Read more on this page: musical team building.

#6 Festive events

fallas festive events SpainEvery year, hundreds of festivities take place all over Spain, all linked to national, regional, or even local traditions. Es.cultura Events proposes to recreate the atmosphere of some of Spain’s most popular festivities: the Rocio pilgrimage in Andalusia, or Valencia’s Fallas festival. The latter event is particularly popular as we recreate the firecrackers and other pyrotechnic displays that characterise Valencia’s annual festivity. Not for the faint-hearted!

#7 Nautical events

nautical events SpainSpain, with its hundreds of kilometres of sunny coasts, pristine beaches, and year-round optimal weather conditions, is the perfect location to plan your nautical events: canoeing and kayak outings, sailing, paddle boarding, diving and snorkelling courses, and more. And if you agree to it, we usually like to add a twist to your events: timed challenges in which you and your team must compete against each other in solitary or in teams.

Don’t forget that you can easily couple your nautical corporate events with all types of beach activities. Find more information on our outdoor team building activities including beach activities and nautical events.

#8 Indoor events

indoor corporate events SpainIf you prefer to conduct your event indoor, know that we have hundreds of ideas up our sleeves that can be 100% adapted to your business’ needs. Our live game of Cluedo is a particularly delightful team event based on the popular board game. Contestants need to solve the clues with their teams in order to identify the murderer.

You will certainly also enjoy our Spygame activity, a game of espionage and suspense that we have been running for many years. Contact us and find out about all the productions that we have in mind for your indoor corporate events in Spain.

#9 CSR events

CSR events SpainWhy not bring a touch of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to your event in Spain? Involve your team in a day of activities aimed at preserving natural sites, restoring heritage sites, caring for wildlife, and more. CSR activities are increasing in popularity every year, and Es.cultura Events offers a wide range of activities for your corporate event in Spain.

#10 Connected events

ipad rally spainOn numerous occasions our clients and partner DMC in Spain have tried our “connected” productions, events centred around the use of technology: events that require geo-localisation, challenges that are run exclusively or semi-exclusively online, interactive game elements, etc. Our iPad rally is a perfect example of a “connected” event. Participants undertake a walking tour of a city, armed with an iPad and guided by our interactive characters and more.

Thus ends our list of 10 themes for your corporate events in Spain. Which themes most spiked your interest? Tell us in the comments below! Remember that Es.cultura Events specialises in creating 100% tailor-made events, so even if you would like to plan an event that doesn’t fall in any of the categories listed above, our experienced team of event planners will put their minds together and create your perfect event. Are you ready to experience Spain like never before? CONTACT US and discover all the ways we can help plan your corporate events in Spain.

Es.cultura Events, event planner in Spain since 1997.

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