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events in BarcelonaWelcome to our latest post on events in Barcelona. Indeed this is not the first time that we publish a post about this wonderful city. Previously, we have shared some ideas for team building in Barcelona and given some suggestions for your incentive travel to Barcelona. We have also published a post about the benefits of working with a DMC in Barcelona.

In this article, we give some of the main reasons why Barcelona is an ideal destination for MICE events: its location, its impressive and varied range of venues, its hotel circuit, its culture and its history.

#1 Barcelona’s ideal location

summer events in BarcelonaLocated in the North-East of Spain, Barcelona enjoys a very favourable Mediterranean climate throughout the year. Temperatures never soar too high or fall too low, a fact which contributes to making Barcelona an ideal location for all your team building and other MICE events.

The city enjoys a close proximity to both mountain and sea. With so many kilometres of beaches spread along the Catalan coast, an event planner in Spain like ourselves is also able to organise a range of summer events. If you would prefer to enjoy a day out in a rural area with a series of nature-orientated activities, you can also enjoy the wonderful surrounding landscapes and natural parks a stone’s throw away from the city.

#2 A range of venues for MICE events

venues in BarcelonaMICE events in BarcelonaMICE Barcelona

Barcelona counts several large venues for the largest of international events and trade fairs. Fira Barcelona offers two separate spaces that are perfect to host any type of MICE event. Fira de Montjuïc may be comparatively smaller in size, but it certainly is not less important and is one of the most popular venues for events in Barcelona. Both venues each offer immense surface areas, large exhibition halls and auditoria, great accessibility, and considerable parking space for visitors.

Fira Barcelona and Fira de Montjuïc are two of the most important venues for events in the city, but you would be wrong to believe that they are all Barcelona has to offer. Mention must be made of Eurohotel Diagonal Port Barcelona, the Grand Hotel Central, Otto Zutz, Meetings23, and the many other venues available for MICE events in Barcelona. A wide range of venues that allows event planners to find the right venue in any circumstance, regardless of size, industry, or format.

#3 An impressive hotel circuit

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations for MICE tourism in Spain and in the world. As a consequence, its impressive hotel circuit is able to welcome visitors in peak seasons and even for the largest of events. Some hotels in the city are exclusively reserved for the MICE industry.

#4 Barcelona’s history and culture

art in BarcelonaBarcelona has over 2.000 years of History! Across the city you can stumble upon Roman ruins, gothic treasures, and vestiges of the Renaissance. Let us not forget the many artists who inspired and were inspired by the beautiful city of Barcelona: Dalí, Miró, Gaudí, Tàpies, and many more.

Events tourism in Barcelona

Combine all the elements listed above and the result is a city full of opportunities for the MICE events industry. Proof of it lies in the statistics published by local agencies in the events and tourism industries. According to the Barcelona Convention Bureau, in 2016 alone Barcelona hosted 422 conferences, 134 training days, symposia, and courses and 1.418 conventions and incentives. The number of event planners in Barcelona has multiplied in the past decade in response to the rising demand in the MICE industry.

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