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Who doesn’t know the famous Falles in Valencia? An international festivity where Valencian people set their traditional Ninots on fire. For months, artisans and carpenters, set about artworks that will burn under the Valencian night. So, from Es.cultura Eventos, we wanted to join the celebration and we created an activity, called Ninots workshop.

After visiting the Ciudad Fallera, where the master falleros tell us the most curious anecdotes and secrets of this marvelous world, the participants will make teams which will work its own Ninot.  The master falleros will help them with all the process. From design and creation to implementation. Everyone would have an important place in this workshop where teamwork is essential.

And, as it could not be otherwise, after creating the Ninot, the pyrotechnic begins! Firecrackers, fireworks and burn the Ninot! An awesome final for a day of work where the creativity, teamwork, learning, and fun are warranted.

Do you know what Falla Valencianas are?

They are the most important party that it’s celebrated in the city of Valencia. The perfect combination of art, spectacles, pyrotechnics, music… These aspects make them a unique party that attracts many tourists each year.

The Falles are created with a central composition with a few meters of height. They are surrounded by numerous figures called “Ninots” that are held by a wooden frame.

They have a sign that includes the meaning of every scene, always with a critical and satirical sense.

Taller de Ninots

How the Ninot Workshop is made?

In this workshop, participants create their own Ninots of Falles, a typical doll carried through the streets of Valencia during the Falles festivities every year. Initially, they will work through a base that it has been already prepared. Then they will be adding the Ninots they have made together separated by teams.

When the Falles are finished, the participants will vote to decide which Ninot is reprieved. To finally end up the workday with a pyrotechnic workshop where the Ninots will be burned in a big bonfire.

Activities in Valencia for companies

From Es.cultura Eventos we propose a very funny Team Building activity. Our goal as an event production company is to offer specific content adjusted to every geographic zone where the event is going to take place. So you could create your own Ninot with your team in this activity. In the end, you reunited with the rest of teams in a final Falla that it could represent your company.

The theme of the Ninot could be adapted to the goals of your company, logo, etc. Then, the participants will burn the Ninots in a ceremony called “la cremá”. This ritual is made to create positive changes in your life, a step in a new stage.

So, do you dare to be a master fallero for a day? If you love the idea to spend a day surrounded by the traditional Valencian culture don’t hesitate to contact us. And book a very unique Team Building in Valencia with us!

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