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team building spainIs having a team of productive and motivated employees a priority for you and for your business? Our unique and creative ideas for team building in Spain are guaranteed to delight and empower your team! Whether you’re hoping to organise a corporate incentive programme, cooking challenges, wine tasting routes, artistic workshops, treasure hunts, cultural routes, history-themed or sports related team building activities, Spain is full of opportunities!

At Es.cultura Events, event planner in Spain established in 1997, we have planned hundreds of team building activities all over the country. We operate in all the most popular destinations – Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, etc. – and also in dozens of lesser known destinations. Read on to discover just ten of the activities that we organise in Spain:

  1. Team cooking challenge: MasterChef
  2. History-themed team building: Madrid of the Austrias
  3. Team building on the beach: outdoor team building in Spain
  4. Musical team building: a day of flamenco in Seville
  5. Fireworks team building: The Great Mascletà in Valencia
  6. Film-making team building: In Almodovár’s footsteps in Madrid
  7. Paella culinary workshop: gastronomic corporate event in Valencia
  8. Acting team building: ‘Action! Chirigotas’ in Cadiz
  9. Culinary team building: Market adventure in Valencia
  10. Paparazzi team building: In search of the exclusive in Malaga

Team cooking challenge: MasterChef

masterchef team buildingOne of the most appealing aspects of travelling abroad is discovering your destinations’s gastronomy. Organising a team building activity in a country such as Spain, known worldwide for its rich culinary culture, is one of the most rewarding experiences you can provide to your team all the while putting them to the test in our challenge. We are able to organise this activity in a number of locations across Spain including the most popular destinations Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, etc. We originally created the event in Seville, capital of Andalusia in the South of Spain and a perfect location to organise a gastronomic team building activity.

Based on the famous television show MasterChef, Es.cultura’s own “Maestro Chef” cooking corporate event puts its participants to the test in a series of timed cook-off events. Participants are divided into teams and need to learn how to cook Spanish tapas and specialities in a limited amount of time. The clock is ticking, are you ready to try our gastronomic team building activity? Why not choose this activity for your team building in Barcelona, or include it in your incentive travel to Barcelona?

History-themed team building: Madrid of the Austrias

history-themed team building in MadridMadrid of the Austrias is one of the many history-themed team building activities that we propose in Spain. Guided by our group of actors that play the roles of historical characters of the city of Madrid, you will embark on a cultural and historical journey through the streets of the capital to discover the city’s monuments and its many hidden secrets. Madrid of the Austrias will help you brush up on your knowledge of the Spanish capital! In this historical rally, you will discover some of the city’s most prestigious monuments and buildings as well as its secrets and hidden streets… but beware! You will be competing against your peers, racing to the finish line all the while working closely with your designated team! Try this history-themed team building in Madrid along with many more of our productions.

Team building on the beach: outdoor team building in Spain

team building sailingSpain counts some of the finest beaches in Europe. At Es.cultura Events, we’ve spent the last 20 years putting to good use its fine beaches for our clients, from the most northeastern point of the country, all the way along the Mediterranean coast, and right down to the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva. Not to mention the great weather conditions that we have in Spain, which allow us to organise our outdoor activities at most times of the year. Simply choose your destination, and our team will be at hand to organise a number of beach activities: sporting activities (football and beach volley tournaments), aquatic activities (sailing, diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing, paddle surf, pedalboats, etc.), zumba classes on the beach… everything to guarantee a highly enjoyable day of team building in Spain!

Musical team building: a day of flamenco in Seville

team building musical flamencoAdd value to your team building in Spain with flamenco workshops and activities in Seville: dancing workshops, percussion classes, and other musical and cultural activities. Your team will enjoy the secrets and beauty of Spain’s flamenco culture. With workshops each more entertaining than the next, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your travel to the Andalusian capital. Learn how to play the castanets, to dance various types of flamenco, and much more, always accompanied by a team of professionals. Teach your team to play in synch with each other, to listen to each other, to open up and communicate with each other. More information on our flamenco workshops is available in our post on a day of team building in Seville and in our post dedicated to musical team building.

Fireworks team building: The Great Mascletà in Valencia

team building in spainIf you’re planning to organise a team building trip in Spain, you can’t miss out on Valencia! The city abounds in impressive monuments and buildings and is known across the country for its famous Fallas. One week of festivities, parades, and fireworks shows that take over the city and its entire population every year. In this team building activity, participants get to create their own Mascletà in Valencia (what is a Mascletà?), simulating the famous grand fireworks display during the Fallas. Guided by our experts, participants are given plastic bubble wrap and balloons to assemble in teams and eventually set off to simulate the noise of the Mascletà. For more events in Valencia, visit our page on team building in Valencia and also view our Valencia Rallye recommended by DMC in Valencia.

Film-making team building: In Almodovár’s footsteps in Madrid

film making team building Are you a fan of the movies and wish to discover the Spanish capital? Try our unique film making team building activity in Madrid! “In Almodovár’s footsteps” will take you through all the nooks of the city while you learn all about the life of the famous director Pedro Almodóvar and meet famous characters based on his life’s work. Organising your team building in Spain will never be this fun. Nothing better to strengthen relations between your employees and promote a creative spirit within your team. Temporarily immerse yourself into the life of the Spanish filmmaker and discover Madrid through his own eyes! More activities await in the areas surrounding Madrid – see for example our survival team building in the national park of Alcalá de Henares or our Zarzuela Route, highly solicited by DMC in Madrid!

Paella culinary workshop: gastronomic corporate event in Valencia

paella cooking team buildingThe Paella, Spain’s most famous culinary speciality. It wouldn’t be right to organise a team building in Spain and not propose this gastronomic event to taste the best of Spain’s gastronomy. Set in the dazzling natural parc of Albufera in Valencia, you’ll be able to learn how to prepare a succulent paella and to convert your team into genuine Spanish chefs thanks to a team of professionals! You’ll also have the opportunity to savour other specialities with dessert and coffee and to go on a boat ride around the park under the beautiful Spanish sun. You may combine this event with more team building activities in Valencia.

Acting team building: ‘Action! Chirigotas’ in Cadiz

film making and musical team building in CadizImmerse yourselves into the spirit of Cadiz’s famous carnival with an event that combines team building and creative workshop. In this activity, participants need to split themselves into groups and form typical Chirigotas, main feature of the Cadiz carnival. On the cards: songwriting, costume and makeup preparation, rehearsals, and a performance worthy of Cadiz’s carnival filmed in front of our team of veterans. Your team will become genuine creators and performers. The activity is designed to promote teamwork, communication, and creativity and to improve relations between your employees.

Culinary team building: Market adventure in Valencia

culinary team buildingFinding the right ingredients with the best value for money can sometimes be tricky! We propose a group activity to discover the best of Spain’s gastronomy. Armed with a recipe book of typical Spanish dishes, participants are required to obtain as many ingredients as possible from the market in order to later prepare the dish… and always sticking to a set budget. Organise yourselves in teams, distribute your tasks, and taste the best of Spain’s gastronomy! Naturally, this activity is also available in other cities around the country: pick your destination and our team will be on site to organise the team building event. Try our culinary team building in Valencia!

Paparazzi team building: In search of the exclusive in Malaga

team building paparazziCaptivated by news headlines and tabloid press? Transform your team into competitive paparazzi with our team building activity “In search of the exclusive” in Malaga. It doesn’t get any more entertaining than this! Head out in the streets and outside Malaga’s clubs and bars in search of the hottest breaking news to feed to our made-up gossip TV channel. More information on this activity is available on our page dedicated to team building in Malaga. Looking for more ideas in the city? Discover our most solicited event by DMC in Malaga.

This just about wraps up our list of 10 top activities for team building in Spain. As we mentioned, many more activities are available for your incentive travel or team building event in Spain. Contact us to organise your team building events and incentive travel in Spain. If you have any questions about team building, do refer to our list of team building questions where we’re sure you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.

Es.cultura Events, event planner in Spain since 1997.

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