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DMC BarcelonaSo, you have decided to plan an incentive travel to Barcelona for your team? Great choice! The city has much to offer for incentive trips and is one of the most popular destinations for incentive travel in Spain. However, your journey hasn’t begun yet and you’re already faced with the difficult task of organising a well structured trip for your medium to large group. Fear not, a DMC in Barcelona can save you a lot of worry and can help make your trip a resounding success. Read on to discover some of the advantages of working with a DMC to organise your travel and events in Barcelona.

A DMC optimises the booking process

Choosing to partner with a DMC means eliminating most of the worries associated with booking your travel and activities along with a string of other logistical issues. The key is in the name: DMC, an acronym for “Destination Management Company“. It is, quite literally, a management company specialised in your chosen destination.

A DMC in Barcelona would work very closely with you. It would position itself as the sole point of contact between you and all local providers such as event planners in Barcelona, tour operators, venue managers, caterers, private transport services, event marketing agencies, etc. The benefits of working with a DMC in Barcelona include (but are not limited to): removing potential language barriers, avoiding double bookings, advising on necessary insurance, reducing costs (more on this point further down), etc. Your partner DMC will simply save you a lot of time and energy. They will make sure that foreseeable complications are avoided, and unforeseen issues are resolved as swiftly and as efficiently as possible.

A DMC knows your destination

dmc in barcelonaPartnering with a DMC also means adding value to your travel. A DMC knows your destination like the back of their hand. That is, after all, their primary function. It stands without saying that a DMC in Barcelona would know everything that the city and the surrounding areas have to offer in terms of incentives, cultural routes, guided tours, outdoor and indoor team building activities (here are some examples of team building in Barcelona), venues for private galas and corporate dinners, and more. This means that a DMC can assist you in one of two ways.

First of all, a DMC in Barcelona would be ideally positioned to respond to your company’s requirements for your incentive travel. If you have something in mind, your partner DMC will know who to contact to make it possible. Alternatively, if you don’t have any specific ideas in mind, a DMC will be able to provide a list of options that are 100% tailored to your company’s needs. Some of the options that they bring to the table will be brand new ideas, meaning that no other client will have previously tried them!

castellers barcelonaIf you wish to avoid the busy tourist areas and crowds, your DMC will take you to the best local establishments. If you want a private tour or a cultural route off the beaten track, your DMC will be able to come up with some ideas thanks to its expertise in the area. Here are some of the activities that we’ve developed in Barcelona for DMC in Spain: tapas routes stopping in some of the best local establishments in Barcelona, events in which participants attempt to recreate the famous Collas de Castellers (“human towers”, pictured here) and Correfocs (“fire runs”), guided tours of the city accompanied by actors that incarnate famous figures such as Gaudí o Picasso, nautical activities, Rally Cinema Barcelona, etc.

A DMC will find the best providers and competitive rates

A DMC not only knows all the opportunities that your destination has to offer; it also knows all the best providers in the area. A DMC in Barcelona will have forged long-lasting relationships with local providers, allowing it to negotiate good rates for its clients. Barcelona can be an expensive city to visit if you don’t know where to go or who to work with. When working with a DMC in Barcelona, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best attention from an expert in your destination, the best services from local providers, and competitive rates throughout your trip.

Are you looking for a DMC in Barcelona?

Es.cultura Events first started operating as an event planner in Spain over 20 years ago. Needless to say we have worked with a great number of event agencies in Barcelona and DMC in Barcelona and in the rest of Spain. If you have any questions about Destination Management Companies or would like a recommendation to choose a DMC in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are equally available to help plan your travel and events in Barcelona or in the rest of Spain. For more information on the events that we offer, you can read our lists of activities for team building in Spain, team building in Madrid, team building in Malaga, and team building in Valencia.

Es.cultura Events, event planner in Spain since 1997.

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