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DMC SpainMICE tourism in Spain has been on a constant rise since the crisis of 2008, representing close to 15% of the total revenue generated by tourism in the country. This explains the large presence of DMC in Spain (acronym for “Destination Management Company”). The Iberian peninsula abounds in opportunities for all types of MICE events and cultural activities.

It is not an easy task, knowing everything that the country has to offer. Thankfully, this is where DMC agencies (also known as “incoming agencies”) come into play! Let’s start by listing the advantages of working with a DMC in Spain, after which we’ll explain its role in planning your business travel and events in Spain.

The advantages of working with a DMC in Spain

Spain offers a great number of opportunities for all your MICE events: incentive events, meetings and congresses, team building activities, etc. While many activities and events can be replicated in any location in the country, each province in Spain presents its own unique opportunities. A DMC, by its very nature, has a wealth of knowledge of the territory it covers. It works with the best local providers to offer tailor-made services to its clients, services which traditional travel agencies or tour operators aren’t always able to provide.

More information can be found on our Destination Management Company FAQ page. In summary, a DMC agency:

  1. optimises the booking process
  2. sets itself as sole point of contact between the client and all secondary providers
  3. offers unique ideas for activities and cultural routes to its clients
  4. works closely with its client and establishes a trusting relationship with them

How to choose the right DMC

There are dozens of DMC in Spain! How to choose the right one? First of all, start by clearly defining your intentions and goals. Do you wish to prepare an incentive travel to reward your team, organise a meeting or convention or create a series of team building activities to optimise teamwork. Some agencies specialise in certain types of events only. Enquire as to which services they provide in order to inform your decision.

DMC in SpainHave you already selected your destination in Spain? If yes, make sure you select an agency specialised in the region. After all, the primary feature of a DMC is its in-depth knowledge of your destination! Many agencies operate locally, but the largest agencies cover the whole country through a number of local offices and teams.

Check existing reviews from past clients that have worked with the incoming agency. Most agency websites only show the very best reviews, but you can find more reviews on Google, on the business’ Facebook page or on the likes of Yelp and similar directories. Prepare a shortlist of the best candidates and contact them, presenting your intentions and your budget. Each agency will propose a list of opportunities based on your business’ needs and budget.

Selecting your destination in Spain

If you haven’t yet chosen your destination, your partner DMC in Spain will be able to offer some ideas based on your intentions. Do you wish to plan a team building activity on the beach? Your DMC will surely recommend Spain’s Mediterranean beaches (Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga) or Atlantic coast to the South (Cadiz, Huelva). Do you wish to offer an incentive package to your team including culinary workshops? You might find of interest tapas workshops in Malaga, paella cooking classes in Valencia, or wine tasting in the Rioja region. Interested in discovering Spain’s history and culture? Visit Seville, Madrid, Cordoba, Barcelona, etc.

Selecting activities

Now that you’ve selected your DMC in Spain, chosen your destination, and communicated your goals and budget to your new partner. All that’s left is to decide which activities you wish to organise during your travel. Once again, the DMC will be able to propose unique and tailor-made events and activities:

Below is an example of the type of tailor-made event that a DMC can help organise for you. In this video, Es.cultura Events was required to create a pirate-like setting for a themed event for one of our partner DMC’s clients:


For further information on the services offered by Destination Management Companies, visit our FAQ page. Contact us to plan your travel and events in Spain or if you wish to have more information on the events that we organise.

Es.cultura Events, event planner in Spain since 1997.

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