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DMC ValenciaSpain’s third largest city, Valencia, is one of the most popular destinations for DMC in Spain. The city and surrounding province offer everything a typical Spanish city offers for business tourism: a variety of MICE venues, hotels and accommodation, cultural attractions, a rich history and gastronomy, and quick access to beautiful landscape and beaches for all types of incentive events and team building activities. At Es.cultura Events, we’ve experienced first-hand all that Valencia has to offer. Our team of professional event planners in Spain has worked with a great number of DMC in Valencia. We’ve planned all sorts of events throughout the years, and few of them have been as popular as our Valencia Rallye. The recipe of this activity is a blend of interactive guided tours of the city, team building activities, gastronomic workshops, and more! Read on and find out exactly why DMC in Valencia love our Valencia Rallye.

Introduction to the activity

dmc in valenciaIn this activity we take to the streets of Valencia to discover the rich history and culture of the city. Make your way through historical buildings and districts guided by our team of professional actors who incarnate typical characters from the past as well as some of Valencia’s historical figures. The day starts along Valencia’s city walls with a briefing from none other than Jaime I, who issues each participant a quiz sheet about Valencia and gives indications as to the path they need to follow to complete the rallye. Participants need to divide themselves into groups and go on the hunt amidst emblematic places in the city to find our characters.

With each character they meet comes a new challenge they need to complete in order to move on to the next point of the rallye. For example, participants are required to respond to a chef’s quiz about Valencia’s gastronomy, meet a master artisan in his historic forge and ceramic workshop, encounter the likes of Elionor Esparza (famous character burnt at the stake), help an Arabic trader write a poem, etc. Watch the video below for a quick introduction to the activity and characters you will meet in the streets of Valencia:

Points are given for each task that is completed and questions answered by the end of the day. One team is declared the winner and receives a certificate for its achievement! DMC in Valencia love this activity as it introduces participants to a variety of aspects of the city all in one highly entertaining activity: Valencia’s gastronomy, its history, its culture and tradition.

Complementary activities

As with all our events, our Valencia Rallye is 100% customisable to match your or your client’s needs. We always base our activities on the objectives you wish to achieve, your budget, and your timetable. We are able to add any number of indoor and/or outdoor activities of your choice to this rallye. Some examples include:

  • Adventure in the central market: roam through Valencia’s market to find five different ingredients to prepare a succulent paella
  • The Valencian Sistine Chapel: why not add a guided visit of the church of San Nicolás during the rallye? We will provide an official guide to give an express tour of the church and its recently restored frescoes that cover its ceiling
  • Horchata tasting: our partner DMC in Valencia usually recommend a stop at the mythical Santa Catalina Horchatería to taste a refreshing horchata
  • The old craftsmen’s guilds: we could visit a medieval silk workshop that still stands to this day in the Carmen neighbourhood of Valencia, where several generations of silk workers have worked

Why DMC in Valencia highly recommend our Rallye

Throughout the years, we’ve shaped and perfected this activity based on feedback from our clients and partner DMC in Valencia. Here are some of the reasons why this activity is so popular:

DMC in Valencia

  • discover many aspects of Valencia in a single day of entertainment: Valencia’s gastronomy, culture, history, monuments, and more!
  • a great mix of team building, incentive, and cultural route
  • a mix of outdoor and indoor activities, or just one type if your prefer
  • 100% customisable to match your needs and objectives
  • 100% our own production: a rallye that you won’t find anywhere else!

Experience it for yourself!

If you are a DMC in Valencia or if you are travelling to the city, don’t miss out on our Valencia Rallye! CONTACT US to plan your travel and events in Valencia or in the rest of Spain. Interested in other destinations in Spain? Check these two most popular activities as selected by DMC in Madrid and DMC in Malaga. You might also like our list of 10 ideas for team building in Spain as well as our article on incentives in Spain. See you soon in Valencia!

Es.cultura Events, event planner in Spain since 1997.

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