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Team Building Madrid: Historical Gymkhana

As you can image, it’s impossible that travel agents can manage and operate in every destination in the world. That is one of the reasons why you should contact a DMC in Spain if you want to perform your event in our country. Today, we are talking about this and other reasons to choose a DMC in Spain for your event.

You need a DMC business that knows what to do, how to reach different places and locations as well as offering a reliable service. In this way, you save time and money when you lean on experts that can do that job for you. Let your concerns go away!

Reasons to choose a DMC in Spain:

  • The DMC should be from Spain. Why this is a so important aspect? Because a local business knows the routine of the city and how to guarantee travelers satisfaction.
  • Should be compromised with the local community. This reason is related to the last one. The DMC ought to be aligned with the tourism development of the area, hiring local people and business for running the different tours.
  • Be listened to. A really important aspect to have into account when you are deciding between one DMC or another. I adventurously say that is a decisive decision to be listened from the beginning of the event until the end. The DMC should answer any questions or changes you have in mind to deliver you the best event possible.
  • A great ability to create tailor-made programs. You want your experience in Spain would be unique and personalized for the needs of your team and yours. A good DMC in Spain must be able to comprehend your needs and interests and then translate them to a good program with a value for money.

Es.Cultura Events has more than 20 years of experience, a very efficient and dedicated team that will be with you during the whole process and that counts on the last technology to guarantee precision and punctuality to the final customer.

If you are a DMC in Spain or if you are travelling to our country, don’t miss out on our activities! Contact us through your usual incoming agency or DMC in Spain, and for more information on the events we propose please visit our services page. Interested in destinations in Spain? Check these two most popular activities as selected by DMC in Barcelona and DMC in Malaga. You might also like our list of 10 ideas for team building in Spain as well as our article on incentives in Spain.

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