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We start with a simple question, are you happy at your workplace? Are you feeling rewarded by your company? A priori many of you have not thought about this yet, but they do not know that they are wrong not placing value on this aspect.

Other people would choose a job or another depend on the salary. Which aspects do you consider relevant to choose a job? Obviously, the salary is one of them. But today, we are sharing another aspect, even more important than that.

Add incentive travel in your life!

We start with the basics: What is an ‘incentive travel’? It is a reward for the work you did for your company. And what it the cause? The cause is that the employees are motivated and, for that reason, they would raise their productivity. In fact, a lot of companies carried out this tool in the last years. A happy team is a team motivated, working hard, connected and going in the same direction to success. Small families with a common goal.

When do the incentive travels take place? That depends on every team. Lot of them do it once a month, bimonthly, once every three months, annually… In my personal opinion, and from a team that appreciates this tool, the ideal is to do it with a maximum of three months. However, this is subjective.

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Basically, there are two kinds:

  • Economic incentives: This kind make reference to a payment from the company. Not having to be in cash (also possible) such as travels, gifts, training, etc. Everything related to anything that has an economic cost to the company. You would surprise the number of economic incentives that offer big companies.
  • Non-economic incentives (morals): Although it is not mean a big cost, many prefer this kind of incentives. Talking about flexible hours, the possibility to choose your holidays, higher integration in the company, etc. These kinds of things make to the employee more comfortable and happy at the workplace.


Especially, we would like to mention this section. Another kind of incentive travels is corporate travels. Travels that gather the team and proceed to a destiny, previously chosen, to accomplish a program of incentives. What do you usually do at your travels? Normally, they are programs full of activities. Everything is organized precisely: accommodation, activities (we are talking about this later), visits, tourism, meetings, etc.

With regard to the meetings, we should clarify some points. Not every incentive travel have this kind of events. And the companies that include them inside the program make it in an especial way. They normally have meetings where the focus is to motivate the team, making different dynamics that make them connect with each other. An enjoyable trip that reminds them why they are together and why they decided to join the incentive travel.

And what travel is not fun? With an experience of 20 years in group activities and incentives, we could assure that the team would remember the travel and everything that was included if it is well organized and planned. As Event Production Company in Spain, we have a large capacity for creation and production. That is the reason why we have the perfect options for every group of people.

What is it better than to know the destination with a team building activity? We could combine the best of the culture, tradition, and history, with corporate values and this kind of activity. We could even to revive their legends with their main characters! In this gallery, you could observe a sum up of some of our star programs: Historical Gymkhana, Rally iPad, Tapas Route, Spain Express… If you would like to have more information about this program, do not hesitate to contact us!

Ruta de las tapas, gastronomía con Es.cultura
Actividades para empresas

Advantages of incentives. We would like to read them!

The incentive travels are one of the few things that are all about advantages and benefits.

  • First of all: motivation. To feel that your company is caring about you, the comfort at your workplace, and the reward for your sacrifices at work, motivates you to make things better. You deserve it!
  • Good work environment: As you already know, the incentives used to be collectives, due to final goal to connect the team and create a good relationship between each other. In the end, we all feel like home.
  • Everyone is equal: Obviously, in every business, there is a hierarchy, but thanks to the incentives and the approach of the boss and employee make the relationship equally for both of them. In this way, the employee does not feel the superiority of the boss.
  • The Increase of productivity: As we have said several times, to feel like everyone else in your company, care and rewarded, your motivation increase and also your productivity. We are creating the possibility to develop that talent that is hidden and it is not exploited yet.

Surprisingly, the department of happiness has been created. Yes, that is right. The companies have renovated themselves and have created department more humans.

In Es.cultura Events bet for the incentive travels

We place value on this tool because we consider that to offer unforgettable and successful experiences, first we have to connect with each other and being a real team. In fact, we made an incentive travel in our company not too long ago. A ‘coaching weekend’ full of activities, training and living together. And we see each other every single day!

Last tips to success

Are you ready for the next step? Why do you not create an incentive travels plan? For that, you should have a strategic plan that focuses on this matter. Increase your communication! Without communication, nothing could be done. Talk, interact physically and not just by mail or phone: human contact! It is really important exchange opinions because together you would find the key to make things right.

Remember: A great team makes a great job, and a great job makes a great success!

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