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outdoor team building activitiesSo you’ve decided to organise an outdoor team building activity for your employees? Great choice! Some of the benefits of organising your team building activities outside include breaking away from the daily work routine and the buzz of the city, having a larger area to conduct your team building event for larger groups, placing your team in a foreign environment… and breathing a little bit of fresh air into your lungs! Having spent the last 20 years organising all types of team building activities in Spain, we’d like to share with you some of the outdoor team building activities that we’ve had the great pleasure of organising for our clients and for those of our partner DMC in Spain.

Outdoor team building #1: Survivor challenge

survivor team building outsideWhy not challenge your team with a survival team building event? Inspired by CBS’ popular television show Survivor, this outdoor team building event is guaranteed to delight your employees as they temporarily become genuine competitors of the show. The last time we organised this team building activity was in the nature reserve of Alcalá de Henares, outside Madrid. 200 participants took part in our series of challenges meant to test their “survival skills”… or so we told them.

In reality, the event was intended to equip the teams who took part with some of the skills that are vital to effective team work: good communication, attentive listening, task assigning, coordination, and more. Employees are divided into small groups and must face each other as teams. Only one team can be crowned the champion at the end of the day, based on the number of challenges they complete and how effectively they work a a team.

Outdoor team building #2: Historical gymkhana in the city

zarzuela route outdoor gymkhanaTake to the streets in one of our many historical gymkhanas and discover the city in unique fashion. Participants are divided into small teams and need to quickly make their way around the city, passing through a number of checkpoints and collecting information along the way to complete our quizzes. Our troupe of actors, all of them incarnating historical figures from the city’s past, help guide the teams to the next checkpoints and provide the information they need. Our troupe also provides impromptu street performances and guided visits of monuments and historical sites.

This is the perfect opportunity to discover a city and its folklore all the while prompting your employees to work as a team in order to pass the test. If you would like some examples of the gymkhanas that we organise, please refer to the second paragraph in our article on team building in Madrid in which we give some details on our Zarzuela Route and our team building activity the Madrid of the Austrias. Groups who select this event can choose to combine outdoor and indoor checkpoints on their itinerary or to only conduct the team building activity outside.

Outdoor team building #3: Beach activities

beach team buildingTime to ditch the work suit and tie in favour of more comfortable clothing: prepare your summer clothes and sandals and take your team to the beach for some of the most entertaining outdoor team building activities. At Es.cultura Events, we put Spain’s finest beaches to great use, from the northernmost point on Spain’s Mediterranean coast right down to the most southwestern points of Cádiz and Huelva. Thanks to the country’s favourable climate, we are able to conduct a large number of activities on the beach including football and beach volley tournaments, fitness and well-being workshops, snorkelling and canoeing team events, etc. More information can be found in our article dedicated to team building in Malaga, for instance. This is the perfect opportunity for your employees to compete against each other and share outdoor activities away from their daily work routines.

Outdoor team building #4: CSR activities

csr team buildingEvents focussed on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are constantly growing in popularity, mirroring the increasing demand for social consciousness in the workplace. Employees require more and more to feel fulfilled at work, and company directors resort to the likes of CSR-oriented team building activities to both empower and reward their employees. Conducting a team building activity outside while providing social and ecological awareness through CSR events are a great way to work on improving those collective and individual skills that are vital to group communication and coordination. It also has the added benefit of making employees feel good about themselves and about their company as they partake in a worthwhile cause. Why not try one of Es.cultura’s many CSR team building activities during your incentive travel in Spain?

Outdoor team building #5: Nautical activities

nautical outdoor team buildingIf none of the ideas above were enough to whet your appetite… why not take to the sea? Nautical activities challenge your team in a number of ways: unfamiliar settings, entertaining group activities, light and positive competition, and a great platform to build those much needed group skills. From our office in Valencia, we can organise your nautical team building in Valencia or at any other location along Spain’s Mediterranean coast.

You might also like our unique nautical gymkhana which we recently wrote about in our article dedicated to team building in Barcelona. In it, participants need to complete a series of tasks to be crowned the winners: completing circuits to test your skills, competing in our Great Race, battling it out in the Conquest of the Island, etc. A soaking and fun-filled outdoor team building guaranteed to delight your teams and optimise their group efforts.

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