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As a creative and multi-disciplinary production team we have many things clear; but when it comes to the well-being of our employees, there is one that stands out above the rest: quality of work = quality of life. That is why, at Es.Cultura, every year we hold several company events internally in which we focus on all the areas of work, all the teams, the people and the future plan of the group. We raise the Happy Company concept to maximum power, and put it into practice in a real and tangible way.

In this year 2019, we wanted to premiere the latest addition of the group Es.Cultura and we celebrated our Summer Coaching Weekend at the Farmhouse “El Esparragal”. This historic building is a privileged space with which we can develop events for companies as well as activities and celebrations of all kinds. Managing venues such as the Farmhouse “El Esparragal” is an exclusivity that we offer from Es.Cultura and that makes our events a unique experience.

The conferences, which took place on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, were held at the end of June, closing a season full of successes and great projects for Es.Cultura. The good weather, and the exceptional facilities of “El Esparragal”, allowed us to enjoy a few days of relaxation, conviviality… and “swimming pool”. Of course, without leaving behind the theoretical and formative part that we developed through presentations by our directors, exercises, routes and participatory team building activities. With good humor, good spirits and 100% motivation, we were able to analyze the current situation and set goals for the next season.

The activities and exercises that were carried out, both at a general level and at the level of work groups, consisted of team building dynamics based on Design Thinking. We worked hand in hand with David Serrano, but always maintaining the horizontality that characterizes our teams, especially with regard to the development and implementation of ideas, always focusing on the customer.


Gammification is another of the methodologies that was present throughout the Coaching Weekend, and we were able to test the program “Dóblate”, which will soon be released. The dubbing activities, with a more relaxed character and that provoked the laughter of all, helped us to generate unique stories of small ideas from each member of the group. In this way, the bonds between all the colleagues are strengthened, especially when teams from other parts of Spain are brought together in one place.

It was also a unique opportunity to promote everyone’s motivation, especially that of new talents, which could also be reflected in the company’s future plans. It was an event that strengthened the feeling of belonging of the teams, which in turn brought confidence and pride to each group for their commitment to reach the objectives. All this was included in our motto for this Coaching Weekend: 2020… Here we go!


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