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In recent times, technology has played an important role in the organization of large events, and allows organizers to connect with their audiences by creating sensations never before experienced.

The technological progress we are experiencing has meant that, with the support of audiovisuals and other design elements, we can create great experiences. By working together with event organizers and professionals in the field of theming, we can transform spaces into authentic works of art.

The combination of creative ideas can give the space where a large event is held a personal appeal and achieve the “Wow!” factor that participants love. In these cases, where we take advantage of large spaces to create “King Size” events (with a large number of participants), we seek to transform the blank spaces into useful and lively environments. Thematizations become a key tool to achieve this effect, where every detail is taken care of according to the message of the event. The aim is for the environment to channel the participant’s experience right where we want it to go.

Lighting within large events

In an event, light must be well planned and take advantage of the latest developments. The objective is to communicate and surprise, much more than projecting lights around a space. There are wireless lighting options: with this type of light we can place the lighting where we want it without worrying about connecting cables or hiding them with uncomfortable tapes. We must pay special attention, in large events, to the lighting map that we are going to create, so that no point of the enclosure is left without the appropriate light.


Nowadays, thanks to modern lighting, we can obtain the representation of different environments on the same stage or space and transmit a multitude of emotions and sensations: dark, warm, pleasant, cold, familiar environments, etc. Sometimes, lighting is one of the least cared for elements in the production of large events and can be the key to achieving a spectacular visual impression.

The sound for king size events

In order to achieve good sound in the rooms or outside, there are two important factors: a good sound system and a great team with experience to place and manage it. It must be analysed whether it is a covered, semi-covered or outdoor area, as well as its dimensions. It is also important to know the layout of the spaces: for example, if there are columns, or the height of the ceilings among many other characteristics of the event.


Plan and investigate the acoustics of the space where the event is held. This way we know if we need to amplify it, so that the audio reaches all the attendees correctly.

Regarding the type of event, we can find different situations. If there is only music, not many elements are needed; but if it is a conference or speech, at least the following are needed: speakers, amplifiers, monitors, equalizers, mixer and microphone. In addition, it is necessary to have a sound technician on site who uses each piece of equipment correctly and to carry out the sound tests beforehand, to avoid any unexpected surprises, such as a simple sound coupling.

organizar grandes eventos king size muchas personas
organizar grandes eventos king size muchas personas

The screens: extra possibilities

Event organizers can make it easier for attendees to get a better view by using extensions and screens to ensure everyone has an optimal audiovisual experience. Screens are most commonly used for outdoor events as they are very effective, but also need equipment that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

When organizing an event, one of the fundamental aspects is the choice of screens. The quality of the content we are going to show will depend on this. More and more are the event planners who choose the LED screens as an option for the visual section. These screens allow to adapt their size and also show good resolutions and brightness, allowing a good display even with the direct impact of sunlight.

One of the most used visual effects lately in the big events, due to the surprising impact it produces in the spectators, is the mapping. This technique consists of a projection of an image on a three-dimensional surface. The possibilities are endless with this type of technology. It can transform a flat wall into anything. You can even switch between different images at any time. It can be used to create events with a great storytelling where the attendees observe exciting stories, or with gamification, ideal to make the days dynamic and get people to participate in the event.

organizar grandes eventos king size muchas personas
organizar grandes eventos king size muchas personas

To sum up, 5 factors must be taken into account for the audiovisual management of a big event to achieve the desired “Wow!” effect:

  1. To have clear the objectives and ideas of the event: To use the necessary means for the days, and to combine correctly all the elements.
  2. Adjust to the time: Organizing the timing of the events is crucial in order to know when to use each of the prepared elements.
  3. Analyse the event location: Good planning of the location is the key to being able to strategically organise the objectives set out in the plan. We must also take into account the climate.
  4. Having a good team and suppliers: The quality of the materials and experts to use us is without a doubt fundamental to obtain success. At Es.Cultura we are always committed to giving the best.
  5. Establish a plan B: Events are composed of a multitude of people, infrastructures and aspects that are rarely in the hands of the organisers as a whole. Therefore, creating a contingency plan to be able to face unforeseen events is necessary and recommended so that everything goes from 10.

Do not miss the opportunity to organize such an event in your company. Contact us and we will give you all the information and options we have:

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