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For some time now, we have decided to contribute as much as possible in the line of CSR events, as we are aware of the importance of investing in social projects in our environment, either aimed at specific groups or for the environment. Es.Cultura has been preparing for this without knowing it, and has been a pioneer in CSR events, for example, with its Eventos Solidarios product line.


On the one hand, we take a series of internal actions, sometimes as basic as drinking coffee every morning: every day at the office we drink “solidarity coffee”, an initiative that consists of the fact that, of the amount of coffee we consume every day, a part is allocated to solidarity purposes. On the other hand, and this is what we will talk about today, we have a series of small habits in our work environments (which are many and varied) through which we help to preserve the environment and reduce our impact on it as much as possible.

We can start by talking about how we have reduced the impact on the environment by reducing the waste of paper. To do this we have implemented online customer billing and the result has been to reduce the percentage of printing by nearly 40%. And we’re still working on getting it to a higher percentage year after year. Internal management with suppliers reduces paper use from 100 to 0. Everything that is contacts, contracts, quotes, invoicing, etc. will be done through online administration.

As we have our own production, our production and storage facilities follow a very strict policy of: recycling of elements from previous events, use of clean point materials for production, minimization of paper use and use of recycled paper for what is necessary. This period of crisis has led to an abysmal fall in the collection of paper waste and the fact is that companies are the main source of pollution from this type of waste, as it is found in practically all packaging. Our intention is to maintain this trend as long as possible and that the planet does not experience this rise again.

As for the use of transport, to reduce the carbon footprint for the events, we have our own company vehicles in which the staff, as well as the assemblers, share a trip in our multi-purpose vans. During the state of alarm, data confesses that urban air pollution has decreased by 58%. This time it is not so much due to companies, as it is in the case of paper and cardboard, since mobility on the roads is a matter for everyone. But we try to do our bit with these small gestures.

At the end of an event, it is company policy to take the waste from what cannot be given a second life to a clean point or landfill (separating all materials). Our budgets include a dumping fee for the delivery of inert wood waste, products from the assembly of stands and/or stages.

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As far as lighting is concerned, it has been many years since we have worked with incandescent, halogen and other energy-intensive technologies. Instead, we have opted for the use of LED technology. When it comes to printing in various formats, we always use environmentally friendly solvent inks. These types of inks, used mainly in professional environments, are the most environmentally friendly due to a series of characteristics: they do not release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere, they do not release strong odours or vapours or pollutants, and their composition is 100% biodegradable. In addition, all reprography is produced on TCF (totally chlorine free) paper.

When we establish contracts, we try to do so with a large percentage of local human resources, attending to the city where the event is held. This reduces travel, as well as promoting the prosperity of the local community.

Our commitment to our community and the environment includes the design of actions or programs that meet the real needs of non-profit organizations. A previous study is done so that we do not just become activists, but provide a real, alternative response with solutions that will last in the medium and long term. For example, in some of our programs such as the “Bike Challenge”, we have worked with entities such as “mothers in distress”; or we have carried out “Express Reforms” (another of our star CSR programs) for “Fundación Madrina” or “Fundación Juan XXIII”.

Entities with which we continue in contact and expanding fields for future actions. With regard to donations at CSR events (either in cash or in kind), absolutely everything is allocated to the entity and the company makes the vehicles available on an altruistic basis as well as the staff needed for their transport and management.

Your event does not have to wait any longer, we are totally prepared to provide the service you need. Contact us now.

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