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beach team building spainSpain is known worldwide for its sunny weather and its pristine beaches, both of which contribute greatly to its popularity for leisure and business tourism. After all, the country has almost 5,000km of coastline (including the Canary Islands) and some areas of Spain boast as many as 320 days of sun per year. Hotels and holiday homes book out in advance every summer all across the Mediterranean and Southwestern coasts, and you could take a trip to the beach most times throughout the year. All of which are perfect circumstances to organise beach team building activities!

We certainly know a thing or two about team building on the beach. From our early days, Es.cultura Events has been planning all types of activities for our clients on the beaches of Malaga and Cadiz. Twenty years later, we have expanded across Spain with offices in Madrid and Valencia, from where we handle all our beach team building events from Catalonia all the way down the Mediterranean coast.

Conducting your team building event on the beach includes several advantages:

  • Reward your team with a day away from the office that they will highly appreciate
  • Improve interpersonal skills within your team
  • Promote team cohesiveness with a series of collective activities
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle balancing work life and physical activity
  • The chance to escape the city and breathe a little bit of fresh air!

The advantages are undeniable! Read on to discover some of the beach activities that we propose for your team building in Spain.

Classic team sports tournaments on the beach

beach team buildingBring out the competitive side of your team with a football or volleyball tournament on the beach. Nothing groundbreaking is involved in this type of team building: just follow the rules and work together in a healthy competitive game against your peers. Enjoy the physical exercise away from your desk and breathe in the sea air. Learn to interact with your colleagues in a very different setting to your workplace and forge or strengthen your interpersonal skills. We recommend you conduct this team building in Malaga.

Alternative fun team activities

Team building memeIf you prefer to try something a little different to traditional sports, you could always try an alternative activity to bring out the competitive side in your workers. Es.cultura Events specialises in offering unique activities: oftentimes our unique productions stem from standard activities to which we add our Es.cultura twist. Why not try a rope tug to challenge your team? Or a relay race on the beach? Or build sand castles? The most childish of activities might be the ideal setting to let loose and improve interpersonal skills within your team.

If you really want to push your team, how about a survival team building on the beach inspired from the famous television show Survivor? The sky’s the limit! We recently organised this team building in Madrid.

Nautical and aquatic team building

team building on the beach sailingTake to the sea with your team in one of many types of nautical activities: sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, paddle boats, and more. Our nautical gymkhana in Barcelona is a perfect activity to improve team cohesion and interpersonal skills. Participants need to complete a series of tasks: completing circuits to test your skills, competing in the Great Race, battling it out in the Conquest of the Island, etc. The event is guaranteed to delight your team and optimise their group efforts. Read all about it in this post on team building in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a prime destination for any nautical activity, and you can also conduct these types of team building in Valencia and in a number of other locations along Spain’s coast.

Well-Being or Adrenaline team building?

team building quadTwo very different propositions. Two very different effects on the body. Two great ways of rewarding your team during your incentive travel to Spain. How about a zumba class on the beach at sunset? Take in Spain’s beautiful sunsets and engage your team with healthy physical exercise to round off a productive day filled with team building activities or corporate meetings. Or else you could go in the opposite direction with adrenaline-filled activities: quad bike racing at low tide, jet-skiing, and more.

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