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musical team buildingMusic is a perfect instrument to coordinate individuals. It requires active listening, group participation, focus and group coordination… all of which are highly necessary for effective teamwork. This explains why musical team building is such a popular activity for businesses who wish to optimise their team’s skills.

What’s more, there is absolutely no need for your group to have any musical skills. Using simple rhythms and armed with even the most rudimentary of instruments, your team can participate in some of the most effective musical team building activities. All you need to do is to pay attention to yourself and to your neighbour. Simple premise, clear objectives, positive results.

For over 20 years, we have been conducting all types of team building in Spain. Read on to discover just four of the musical team building events that we organise.

Musical team building #1: Spanish drumming

drumming musical team buildingEs.cultura Events presents a truly bonding musical team building activity. Coordination and teamwork play a key role in this percussive session.

Participants are split into groups. Each group is given a different percussive instrument to learn. Workshops are directed by professional instructors who show participants the basic rhythms to follow and teach them the basics of the Spanish cajon, castanets, tambourines, and more. The initial phase lasts 45mins, during which participants become familiar with their instruments and the rhythms that they are meant to play.

In the second phase of this musical team building, all groups are united in one same room previously prepared for the event and play the rhythms that they have been practising. What ensues is a marvellous percussive symphony that symbolises the coordination and teamwork that can be achieved through musical team building. Contact us if you would like more information on this event.

Musical team building #2: Flamenco day in Seville

flamenco workshopOur day of flamenco in the heart of Andalusia is a perfect combination of workshops, walking tours, team building, and incentive event. Participants immerse themselves in Spain’s famous flamenco culture while they discover the beautiful city of Seville.

On the cards: a walking tour of the city through its most typical cobbled streets and monuments, street performances from our troupe of actors and musicians, splendid views of the city’s Giralda, and flamenco masterclasses to introduce you to some of flamenco’s most popular dances. More information on this music- and culture-themed team building day can be found in our article on team building in Seville.

Musical team building #3: Zarzuela Route in Madrid

zarzuela madrid team buildingIf you prefer the opera or would like to discover the city of Madrid during your trip to Spain, don’t miss out on our Zarzuela Route in Madrid. The Zarzuela is a dramatic musical genre originating from Spain and favoured in the courts of Madrid as early as the 17th century.

Es.cultura Events gives you the chance to (re)discover the genre with an interactive visit of the city that combines incentive and team building in Madrid. Similar to our flamenco day in Seville, this music-based event combines a walking tour of the city, performances from our dancers and musicians, and guided tours of museums and historical institutions. A delightfully entertaining activity flowing with creativity! No other event planner in Madrid will make you experience the city like Es.cultura does.

Musical team building #4: Culinary drumming

drumming team buildingThe objectives and methods used in this musical team building are identical to those used in our previously mentioned Spanish Drumming activity, only this time the music workshops are conducted with kitchen items instead of conventional instruments. A twist that symbolises the creativity we like to bring forward at Es.cultura Events. Fun and entertainment come hand in hand with learning and teamwork.

Led by our team of professionals in the realms of team building and (of course) music, participants are able to improve their coordination with their co-workers. See for yourselves in the video below:

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