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gastronomic events in spainLet’s start by stating a simple fact: gastronomic events are in great demand and have been growing in popularity for quite some time. This is particularly true in the world of MICE tourism in Spain. Gastronomic events have come a long way since they first started to become popular. Catering services no longer act as simple food and drinks services; nowadays a great number of catering companies specialise in offering full-fledged experiences in which decorations, mood-setting, and entertainment have an important complementary role to play.

Gastronomic events mean innovation. They are designed to delight in all ways possible. They constitute a fantastic opportunity for tourists to discover a destination and are a perfect medium for team building activities and incentive events.

Gastronomic events to please every palate. Because everyone has their preferences when it comes to food and drinks, Es.cultura Events offers a wide range of activities in response to everyone’s needs (including special diets like gluten-free dishes and more). Here are some of the activities that we have organised for our clients:

#1 Wine Routes

wine tasting in spainDiscover Spain’s exquisite wines (Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and many more) thanks to an afternoon of wine tasting organised by yours truly. Es.cultura Events goes a step further and proposes its very own Wine Adventure, a 100% custom-made wine route popular amongst DMC in Malaga.

Part team building activity and part incentive, our Wine Adventure is the perfect opportunity for you and your team to discover the history of Malaga. It will be seen through the eyes of some of its key players in the wine industry. And of course the perfect occasion to taste some of Spain’s finest wines. Discovering the ins and outs of the wine-making process. Open your senses, discover new smells and flavours, and experience Spain with your team like never before.

#2 MasterChef cooking challenge

masterchef team buildingAnother team building activity to awaken the senses, produce creativity, and improve teamwork. This team building cooking challenge is based on the famous television show MasterChef. Participants are divided into small teams and compete against each other in a race against the clock to produce a selection of Spain’s most typical dishes.

A panel of judges and professional chefs oversees the activity and announces the winning team based on their creations. They will take a close look at how creative your preparations are, how well presented they are. And how well you worked as a team, naturally.

#3 Tapas routes

tapas route incentive spainEqually as demanded as our wine tasting eventes, tapas routes are highly popular gastronomic events in Spain. Es.cultura Events proposes a number of different tapas routes in cities across the country.

We have already written about our tapas route for your incentive travel to Barcelona, but remember that we can also organise a tapas route for your team in Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, and in any destination of your choice in Spain. Contact us to discover some of the best local establishments far from the traditional tourist routes.

#4 Chocolate tasting

chocolate tasting spainThis activity ranks top of the list for those of you who have a sweet tooth! Es.cultura Events presents a chocolate tasting event guaranteed to delight your senses. Make the most of your incentive travel in Spain to learn all about the history of chocolate, taste a variety of chocolate delicacies. And also discover the techniques used by professionals to create a perfect chocolate mix. Don’t hesitate a second longer, contact us or ask your partner DMC in Spain to include this event in your incentive travel to Spain.

#5 Paella workshops

gastronomic events in spainFew are those who have never heard of Spain’s famous paella! Of all the delicacies that originate from this country, the paella is certainly the most popular one. Thanks to our paella workshops, you and your team have the opportunity to perfect your cooking skills and prepare a succulent paella. All helped by our team of professional chefs.

Why not try this workshop in the wonderful setting of the Albufera Park in Valencia? Find more information on our page dedicated to team building in Valencia.

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Discover Spain and its delicious gastronomy thanks to Es.cultura Events. Also to the many gastronomic events that we organise across the country. We offer our services to a number of DMC in Spain and other agencies for all types of team building in Spain or for your incentive travel to Spain.

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