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Some DMC in Barcelona enjoyed of our Water Gymkhana teambuilding where the fun is guaranteed. A set of refreshing tests which encourage motivation, creativity, and teamwork in the participants. If you are a sea lover and want your team to have great fun together, continue reading to see how our Water Gymkhana works!

Es.Cultura Events Water Gymkhana is 3 hours approx. teambuilding where the participants are separated by groups. Then, the monitors give them a briefing where all the activities and rules, as well as some warnings, are explained. They’ll have a road-book with a summary of the rules for the various games, a map of the activity area and quadrant for the order of each activity.

How does Water Gymkhana work?

The Water Gymkhana consists of each group to complete one activity at a time to move to the next. When all the tasks are completed, the judges go over the points awarded and choose the team winner.

The teams will be also provided with folders that include the customer logo of the company with instructions for events and a map. The company could personalize the items of the activity taking into account their goals and events.

We can offer you a great variety of activities that conforms the Water Gymkhana such as a Skill circuit that includes floating basketball, moving targets, taking a shipwrecked to shore, etc. We also offer you our Grand Regatta or Kayak-Polo activity. We have to say that with any of our activities the fun is guaranteed.

Materials included

One of the participants in the water sports activity will have:

–    A life jacket (compulsory)

–    Civil Liability and Accident Insurance

–    Unsinkable craft for 1, 2 and 12 people.

–    Organization into teams using colored wrist bands.

–    We’ll dress up the participants with appropriate outfits to enjoy the water sports.

–    Control and Organisation of the activities. The participants will pay attention to the participants during the development of the activities. Our monitors have lifesaving qualifications and auxiliary crafts to assist the teams in case they need it.


Es.Cultura Events offer you Water Gymkhana activity

Contact us through your usual DMC or event agency in Barcelona if you love to make our Water Gymkhana activity with us. You can also enjoy of other teambuilding activities in Barcelona such as the Cinema Rally Barcelona. For further information about the Water Gymkhana contact us and we will tell you more about this amazing activity.

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