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Find out the backup plan!

Do you remember old tapes which you listened your favorite music groups? Yes, it had A and B sides. A luck to all nostalgic and a good example to understand that if a side doesn’t convince us, we always can turn it upside down. If you are looking for a backup plan for your event, we raise a lot of solutions to nothing can shatter what you was thinking about.

The denominated backup plan is an alternative route which a good event planner should count, from a start if something fails.  It is not about to pull the rabbit out of the hat, but having an ace up under the sleeve in the case of need and delight the clients.



Do I really need a backup plan?

A required question, that, unfortunately, we never make it before the disaster. And the answer? So yes, necessarily it’s yes. There isn’t a magic ball that allows us to know the capricious and inappropriate climatic changes or the one thousand and one misfortunes that can happen the day of our event yet. As it is not about to play a game of chance, and much less when there is a strong investment behind, we are forced to have a backup plan, and even a C or D in the case of things can get out of hand and Karma doesn’t want to smile to our side. So, this alternative route become in a real respite and support to the original plan. Moreover, when we always work in a project, above two ways, new ideas are born, helping and strengthen the original concept we had in our minds.


Addapt or die

Possibilities become in options, and we are capable to have more than one, our peace and likelihoods to get the success increases. From Es.cultura Events we know that having a backup plan is to show a commitment and energy to our activities. During our path we had calm seas and some or another surge. One of the lasts was the Kilo Mission activity joined to a historic gymkhana. Participants had to complete a series of proofs, guided and helped by historic characters, and the objective/prize was to collect the most kilos of food, that we donated to the food bank after.


A solidarity team building, where a strong and hot mid afternoon sun forced us to change of strategy and go to a shopping centre, which we had a good relationship. Our professional staff could turn it around and create a funny alternative activity. They took a bus and went there. At the same time, the actors, throughout different points of the building, created the proofs that teams should overcome to get the kilos of food, which would be donated later. A backup plan charged of creativity that was a real success. You can take a look here in the video.


In another occasion, the unfortunate clouds wanted to be present to make rain during a good part of the journey. The gastro event, which would be accompanied by an equestrian show, looked as for moments wouldn’t be possible. But, our supermen and superwomen of the production department created a very creative indoor show.


All guests had the possibility to live a unique experience. A gala lunch and at the same time an equine show, which they changed from mere spectators to become in an active part of the show. Sometimes the backup plan, unexpectedly, opens possibilities and alternative ways, improving the last idea.

First and foremost, let’s anticipate!

Backup plan is a route that is used to arrive to the same destination but by a different way. A summation that starts by a previous planning. Setting aside the chance, and keeping the most number of possible variables under control. A formula that as a principal element has the WOW factor we looked in one of our last posts, and which Es.cultura Events keep working for years. Offering a security and commitment with the required results. And ensuring that your event is a real success, regardless of the external factors. Now just we want to know… Are you ready to the next experience? We are!


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