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Recently we took a group of British colleagues from the tourism industry out on a tour of the andalusian capital. Our goal? To immerse them into the folklore, tradition, and history of Seville. To do so, we set out on an adventure filled with various activities of team building in Seville. We started out with a guided walk through the emblematic Barrio de Santa Cruz. Its cobbled and narrow sreets, its stately homes, and the unmistakable smell of orange blossom emanating from its majestic patios welcomed us as we made our way around one of the most attractive districts of the city. Our team building day was off to a great start! The walk was tremendously entertaining as we took in all the charm of this district and its history and tales.

Discovering historical figures

From there we marched on to the Jardines de Murillo. Oh, and what surprise did we have here? Hidding behind the walls, the characters of Rosina and Fígaro suddenly appeared, dressed in costumes of their time and with rosemary sprigs in their hands. They let us into their world, discovering through their own eyes and experiences the uniqueness of the places and monuments that surrounded us. For a moment, we stopped being merely spectators and became part of the show. An amusing way to discover the secrets and hidden mysteries of the city and its people.

To top off the performance, Rosina gave us some rosemary leaves with a “vintage” sealed note bearing the logo of Es.cultura on it as a gesture of fortune and luck. A move that went down well with our British friends who, pleasantly surprised by the performance and offering, eagerly accepted the gift.

A bird's eye view

About time for a well-deserved break, and what better than to head off to the hotel Doña María. We ascended to the roof terrace to enjoy a splendid bird’s eye view of Seville, in the shade of the imposing Giralda. At that moment appeared the iconic Carmen La Cigarrera, a historical character whose life and death inspired a tale that has survived throughout the centuries.

A charismatic woman, free and passionate, who transmitted her strength and sweetened the evening air with her prodigious voice. Singing and telling her story through different operas while we eagerly listened to the courtships and misfortunes of a character we all knew.

Art runs through our veins

The pace of our day trip was quickly gaining momentum. In the afternoon, we continued with our team building in Seville. With high spirits, we made our way to the hotel Meliá Gran Colón where we switched our roles as passive spectators to become the central actors of the show, thanks to a flamenco workshop. Our initial nerves quickly changed to genuinely flamenco “olés!”, heel-clicks, and clapping. It was time to immerse ourselves into the folklore and Seville’s most authentic tradition. We were all ready to live this experience to the fullest.

It was, without a doubt, the elation and inspiration of each and every one of us, possessed by the spirit of flamenco legend Camarón, that pushed us to dance on top of the tables. While a team of professionals was carefully keeping the rhythm for a group who, it must be said, lacked any form of rhythm! We also tried the castanets and the flamenco box, proving to us how good a decision we’d made to dedicate ourselves to the world of events and communication rather than performing arts. To finish off our team building in Seville in style, we were treated to a session of sevillanas, a dance designed to reveal our deepest hidden artistic qualities. Against all odds, most of us gave excellent renditions as our mentors proudly clapped us on.

Team building palmas

All in all, it was a very entertaining day of team building in Seville, with a magnificent group that was constantly surprising themselves, laughing, and learning our culture and traditions. An experience they surely won’t forget anytime soon! And as for us, Es.cultura Events, with more than 20 years of experience in organising and producing events, activities and themed productions, we enjoyed it every bit as much as they did! Discover more of the team building activities, routes and workshops, and themed productions we organise across Spain. See you soon! Contact us to organise your team building activities and incentive travel in Spain. If you have any questions about team building, do refer to our list of team building questions where we’re sure you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.

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