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In a world where the technology is our partner in our every day life. Do you know the tendency in technology for corporate events? The technology has changed our way of living, even the way we work. Therefore, our spare time has changed compared to 10 years back.

More significative changes that have emerged with the technology for corporate events

The technology is equal to change. For example, we assume this issue in our way we communicate with each other. We do not use calls anymore although we send text messages through Whatsapp. The closeness and rupture of communication barriers that we have thanks to the Internet nowadays. But, and corporate events? They have suffered any change? Of course!

Nowadays the events are more participatory. The social media has revolutionized the events. An event where images and texts are not shared are not viable. Many events are going further making streaming videos in their social media where anyone could watch them and be part of the event.

kind of technology for corporate events

What kind of technology for corporate events exist?

Video mapping for corporate events

This technology consists in the projection of an animation or images over real objects. In this way, we obtain a very artistic effect and that just a few people have ever watched. This projection used to be 2D or 3D. Do you want to present to your team a new building without built? This option will make them mad.

Drones for corporate events

These objects are flying robots that can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously through software-controlled. These characteristics become them in a multitask technology. In the case of the corporate events, the drones are used to record the event and even to record them in streaming.

Interactive floor for corporate events

Imagine a carpet where images are shown and you could interact with them. These carpets work through motion sensors and create very unique visual effects. Could you imagine planning an ice hockey game? You could plan numerous team building games with help of technology.

drones for corporate events

Holograms for corporate events

This technology creates tridimensional images through the use of the light. We could use the holograms to make different presentations at our events and, in this way, surprise our guests.

Corporate team building with iPads

Could you imagine making a Historic Gymkhana using an iPad instead of traditional paper? With this technology, we could make use of geolocation, making secret tasks online, the use of interactive historical figures.

Apps for corporate events

The rise of using the mobile phone in our every day make the apps an original choice to surprise our guests. Why do not you try our APP that it has been designed to make the most of our activities? You could make numerous interactive activities with it while you visit the city of Seville, for example.

team building with ipad

Do you need a very technological corporate event?

In Es.Cultura Eventos we apply the latest technology in all our events. That is the reason why you could contact us if you need to organize a unique and full of technology event. The technology for corporate events is the present and the future.

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