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Establish a successful strategy for a corporate event isn’t easy. And when we have limited resources and we have to optimize them, even more. It’s a challenge to select the type of event we want to organize to maintain our brand image and achieve the goal we set at the beginning.

The company goals

Planning the strategy of a corporate event start with the identification of the company goals. Then, we could use the power of an event to achieve them. Almost every event is directly related to company goals. Some examples of the goals established are:

  • Increase sales.
  • Build a brand.
  • Minimize staff rotation.
estrategia de un evento empresarial

Align the company goals with the corporate event strategy

We have known the company goals already. This is a great place to start. For example, if we would like to increase sales, the strategy should be focused on our product. In this case, networking could be fun, but probably we obtain an increase in the number of potential clients and get contacts, but it would be much harder to close the deals.

For that reason, the type of event you would choose should be aligned with the main priorities of the business. Which types of events could we organize to achieve the different goals?

  • Increase the sales: the easier event to achieve this is using the commercial demonstration. With it, we would show the product to our potential clients. We would even use it and discover its advantages and uses.
  • Build a brand: In this case, it is used to organize the business networking or conferences about expert topics.
  • Disminuir la rotación de personal: Un evento interno de Team Building. En este evento empresarial harás que tus empleados saquen lo mejor de sí mismo, conocer más sobre ellos. En Es.Cultura realizamos numerosas actividades de Team Building: Escape Room, Cluedo, Boat Trip, etc.
  • Minimize the staff rotation: Team building intern event. In this corporate event, you would make your employees get the most of themselves, knowing more about them. In Es.Cultura Events we make numerous Team building activities: Escape Room, Cluedo, Boat Trip, etc.

What else should we know to establish the strategy for a corporate event? Our resources!

Understand your resources

There are some things we should understand before building “our strategy for a corporate event”. Our resources are everything we have to achieve our goals. We can have some amount of money, small or big staff, but we should work with what we have. It would not be reasonable wanting to build an event for two thousand people if we count with a few time to organize it. It would be practically impossible to prepare the whole technology to manage events to measure if we have obtained the goals or not.

The resources we should have into account are:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Staff
  • Company support
  • Knowledge about the event’s organization
  • Technologies of event management

Plan your event calendar

The time is very important in an event. The product launches, the time of subscription for assistants, even the climate, could play an important role in the disponibility of the assistants.

How can we establish the best dates to take into action our strategy for a corporate event?

We can be informed about the event industry, for example, with Es.Cultura blog you can find numerous articles about events that could help you. You can also analyze your competition: see what events are taking place, the goals behind them and what are their dates. Another fact we have to take into account is the normal calendar of the year to know the different ephemeris such as New Year’s Eve. Furthermore, selecting the date is really important to see where our assistants are and if they would need or not transportation to arrive at our event.

la estrategia de un evento empresarial

Establish clear goals

There is nothing worse than planning a great event and not to know if it was a success or not. The strategy for a corporate event is based on facts and analytics. Consist of creating goals and plan the action to see if our corporate event has overcome the goals.

We need to know the facts that we can recollect of an event and see if we have the measures needed to follow them.

la estrategia de un evento empresarial
  • Establish a limited date. If your goal never ends we would never know if it would be successful or not.
  • Measurement goals. We cannot be limited to just talking about our goals, we should establish quantitative goals.
  • Eliminate ambiguity. The success or not of your event should not depend on subjective criteria. It should be clearer what is a success and what it is not.
  • Realistic goals. We could base on previous events facts or facts we could find in the industry of events.

Are you prepared to elaborate on the strategy for a corporate event?

To plan your event strategically you should start with time. It does not consist of preparing something last minute. Content, entertainment, date, location… everything should be aligned with our event goals. Moreover, we would need resources to support our corporate event.

The technology of the management for events is crucial in every stage of the planning process. Creating the program of the perfect strategic events required time and tons of tries and errors.

Es.Cultura: We build corporate events based on your strategy

Thanks to our experience in organizing corporate events we would know which is the best way to plan an event. We set the goals in the center of our planning and establish the way to achieve them. Do you want to know more? Contact us!

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