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Although Madrid is a huge city with a multitude of services and facilities, it can sometimes be complicated to find space for events in Madrid which best suits our needs.

When we organize an event with great enthusiasm, we want that every detail is exactly how we had in mind. We also look for everything to conform perfectly to the experience that we want to offer to our guests.

If you are looking for Event Spaces in Madrid, but you feel lost because you think there is nothing that can fit exactly into the idea that you are looking for, you are in luck since in Es.Cultura Eventos we are experts in the field and we offer a wide variety of services all related to the organization of events in Madrid


The space where the event takes place is one of the most important decisions. It must be paramount for the entire organization process. Obviously, we will take care of finding that perfect space that suits your tastes and needs.

Madrid is a very cosmopolitan city with a variety of spaces that can be used to carry out events of all kinds. However, not all of them conform to what you might be looking for. Thus, our mission as events organizers is to find several available options that can fit into your project.

espacios de eventos en madrid


Typology of the event

The first thing that we must take into account is the type of event we want to organize. In this sense, there are many experiences that we can carry out such as artistic exhibitions, theater reproductions, thematic dinners, musical shows, activities of team buildinggroup routesscenography, business trips, seminars, conferences, training of all kinds, etc. As you can see, the nature of the events can be very different; while some are meant for fun and disconnection of the team. Others are more focused on the training of employees, but always from a   funny perspective.   How do we select the Event Spaces in Madrid?

Quantity of people who will participate

Obviously, the number of people who are going to attend in our event is a very important element to consider. It will be decisive when choosing the ideal space. It is not the same to hold a small workshop for 10 people, to carry out a business trip with seminars and dinners for a team of managers of a large corporation. In the first case, we would have many options to house that small team. While in the second case, we will have to require to a much larger space.

Necessary installations

According to nature of the event we want to carry out, we will need some or other facilities. For example, if we want to do conferences and bring experts to form our team, we will need a room with a stage and a speaker system. Thus, everyone can hear the guest. On the contrary, there are other activities such as the outdoor routes. In this case, you don’t need a specific space. Although we must have tools and objects to make the experience much more enjoyable.

Duration for the event

Finally, the duration of the event is another of the most important variables in the organization process. In addition to the experience. Therefore, we must take the decision of how much time we are going to devote to find a space that is available during that period.

As you can see, there are many variables to have in mind when finding a space for events in Madrid. And that can fit perfectly in our project. However, with our team you will be completely calm since we will care for all these elements and we will find the facilities that best suit your needs.


As not all companies can afford to have their own events department, from Es.Cultura Eventos we offer organizations this exclusive service externally so that they can organize in an efficient and practical any kind of experience or event without worries.

Our team consists of creative members who are dedicated to design, organize and carry out all kinds of events. Each of them unique and 100% molded to the needs of each client in particular. If you have something in mind, Es.Cultura Eventos is able to achieve it since for our team, no idea is impossible. We make a 100% own production .


One of the characteristics that identify us is our flexibility. This makes us leaders of events in cities as big and important as Madrid. Everyone in our team goes to the maximum to produce a 100% personalized experience and adapted to the tastes and needs of each company. That is why none of our events is the same as the previous one; all have the personal touch of each client.

We have a complete production team, which includes many specialists such as assembly personnel, makeup artists, decorators and any other professional you may need. In addition, we will also take care of finding Event Spaces in Madrid that best suits the type of experience you want to offer to your guests.


Each of the projects we carry out is supervised by an expert, who will be in charge of acting as interlocutor with the client, communicating all the steps and decisions that are being carried out in the organization and design of the event. You only have to give us your idea and we will advise you about the best way to approach it.

Although we have an office in Madrid, you can also find us at SevilleValencia and the Canary Islands, in case you need to contact us at other points of the Spanish geography.

Remember! You just have to worry about telling us your ideas, and we will make them a reality .

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