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The return of event email marketing

The continuous changes in the algorithm of Facebook and the instability of social networks have boosted again the mature email marketing to the dancefloor in the world of events. The email is more alive than ever; the apparently rusty hips show this tool off and much better greased. The professionals, and the not so professionals, of the sector have given the use again of this strategy to their calls. But, why? There are many the factors which have boosted the resurface of this tool. Here we give you a compendium with the main reasons that have forced to dust off the hidden treasure.

Why adopt email marketing?

  • Allow segmenting: Yeah! We live in the personalized communication world, and the segmented answers. Socialmedia is great and its capacity to convert plain content in something viral. But, although we don’t want, all has its negative side. Sometimes we don’t reach our objective public; even we get a global audience. And here is where the email marketing for events gets ahead a distance more than prudent, that turns it into the winner. In addition, and following the line of the segmentation, allows you to personalize the message to your receiver and create an experience.
  • Open doors to the creativity: It is a multiformat tool and allows you to experience with text, video, and image. And, what do this offer to you? Presenting different solutions with that WOW factor we talked in our last post, that factor we much need. A variety that enriches and improves the options to know your event. And of course, the mailing allows you to include special buttons that will help you to make known all your projects.
  • It is a very economic means. It is not about to save money. It’s about to be more productive and efficient with the means to your reach. All we dedicate to events, we face much adjusted budgets that looking for quasi miraculous results. Event email marketing allows you to eliminate the fixed costs and its development doesn’t require a much high economic disbursement.
  • Hit the nail on the head: Power to effectiveness! When we talk about event email marketing, we talk about a not intrusive means. And this means run away from the word ‘advertising’ and the means that it generates. We start from a contract which the information recipients have accepted previously the communication with us.


Social Media

Event email marketing is improving its response ratio against the rest of means and, in addition, it’s a good opportunity to create lasting relationships in time. But, as a good couple, there are a series of steps or phases that we must spend to reach success.

Phases on your email campaign

The relationships in the events’ world have a life cycle that doesn’t limit to the same and only day of the event. Sometimes, we will be more interested in some of its phases or, on the other hand, make a complete tour.

  • Pre-event: In this previous phase is the moment to create and prepare the campaign, fix objectives and make a backup plan. A good moment to make you know, remember last events and know your audience. Moreover, you can include social media tools to star warming up or link your emails to the web to include additional information or add value to your launch. This phase is essential to attract more audience and plan your event to the most efficient way. Once this make known phase is overcome, the moment of truth has arrived.
  • The Great Day: Yes, it’s your great day and surely all your energy is on the event and everything is exactly what you imagined, but…don’t forget your attendees. Here is when the email can be a great tool. A few hours or a pair of days before, you can send a downloadable with previous information about they will find in your event. From the Wi-Fi password, customized accreditations, or relevant news. Moreover, it’s an opportunity for your attendees, so they can confirm their presence and of course it allows you to create a very complete database for the future.
event email marketing
event email marketing
event email marketing

Party is over; everybody is gone and it’s moment to make a balance. Event email marketing allows you to audit the data compiled and know which has been the response rate and your campaign reception for future events. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to thanks attendees their participation and tries their subscription. And if you still have strength (really you will) don’t forget that you can viral your content and create community.

From Es.cultura Events, we consider the email a necessary tool to make known our events and future projects. And a means that helps us to complement information and experiences we move through other channels. And for you, which are the tools to make you know? Let us know your opinion, because we want to hear you!

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  • Minna Rossi Photography

    Thanks for posting -a good reminder. I’m definitely guilty of spending all my energy on social media and forgetting about the traditional methods (like e-mail).

    • Es.cultura Eventos

      Hi Minna! Thanks for your comment! We think that the combination of social media with traditional tools (as e-mail is) is the best asset to boost a business. We hope to read your comments again 🙂 Have a nice day!

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