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Our teambuilding Assault the Spanish Mint is a great activity to participate in with your team to create new bonds and have tons of fun. We propose an activity full of tests, enigmas, and mysteries until the team reaches the Royal National Factory of Currency and Stamp where they’ll have the last big challenge to achieve the goal of The Professor (the one who lead the journey).

How the Assault the Spanish Mint works?

Our Assault the Spanish Mint teambuilding is an activity of 2 hours of duration where the team will have a great time trying to achieve different tests and resolve mysteries together. The tasks are designed exclusively for your company taking into account the profile of the team and the goals they have.

BONUS! Es.Cultura Events offer you this teambuilding activity with iPad, taking advantage of new technologies to make the activity much more interactive. We’ll deliver an iPad per team that includes different tests, goals, plans, etc. that help them to take pictures and videos to be the winner.

And, what are the dynamics of the game?

For years now, the Professor has been preparing an assault on the Spanish Mint. He needs the participation of some teams to achieve his goal and overcome a series of challenges with the five senses.

  • The Professor will be the person in charge that lead the teams to achieve the different goals to win the game. This person will also inform the teams about the rules of the game and pay attention to they follow them.
  • In this activity will be different briefings depending on the characters. The Professor will be also the person in charge to distribute the team names.
  • Once the teams will be assigned, they’ll carry out different tests. Every team will make the same tests but in different orders, looking for maximum participation. The goal is to overcome the tests, situations… to be the team with the highest score and win the activity.
DMC Madrid

Do you want to experience our Assault the Spanish Mint teambuilding? Contact with your DMC or event agency in Madrid to ask for this amazing teambuilding. You can also read more about other teambuilding activities we have such as the Historical Gymkhana. At Es.Cultura Events we work with a great number of agencies and DMC in Madrid and the rest of Spain. So, if you have any questions about DMC don’t hesitate to contact us.

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