That the distance between the participants is not an obstacle to continue promoting teamwork and communicating the values and objectives of our organizations. Nowadays, many companies are opting for the virtual modality of events, team building, workshops… and any type of communication tool for the whole organisation.

Production of original and own virtual events

At Es.Cultura Events we have a long history of producing and organising events. And that experience and know-how is reflected in the fact that we continue to work every day to adapt to the new scenarios that, from one week to the next, are presented to us as this situation evolves: improvements in our internal processes to improve even more in terms of sustainability, new products and formats adapted to small groups, attending to the different levels of programmed de-escalation, adaptation of our protocols so that they comply with the new hygiene and safety measures… Our sector is too restless, and we will continue to adapt every day to the new circumstances!

Below we offer you a sample of activities and workshops with a clear virtual base, but without forgetting those details that have differentiated us over the last two decades: our own production! How do we do it?

In our distance rallies, we combine online platforms with live actors, and with roadbooks and tangible materials for the tests. For our online workshops, we send home everything you need to learn and taste, from the hands of the best chefs and specialists, who will explain to us in first person the secrets of each workshop through the best online platforms on the market.

National and international solutions

Virtual events respond to a market need that has existed for a long time. Larger companies often have offices in various parts of the world. These offices usually have teams of local workers, while only a minority are relocated from their country of origin (usually the top positions). This means that each office is staffed by people who find it difficult to travel to other countries for the sole purpose of attending a corporate event.

One of the solutions we propose from Es.Cultura Events is precisely the virtual event modality. By means of this distance modality, we manage to put in contact dozens of people who could not live this experience together otherwise. The cost of production for the company is greatly reduced and the degree of satisfaction increases in the same way. All employees can attend a virtual event, since only an internet connection is required; and in certain cases, we provide attendees with the necessary material beforehand.

Advantages of the virtual event compared to the face-to-face format

We are going to make a summary of the most outstanding aspects of the virtual format when it comes to holding events. Surely in your company you have the need to hold an event. If you feel identified when reading this list of solutions, it is that the virtual modality is the most convenient solution for your company. In that case, do not hesitate to contact us, you will not regret it.

  • Accessibility: there are no frontiers on the Internet, any participant can participate wherever they are.
  • They are cheaper: some costs are cancelled, such as the travel costs of the participants, costs in travel times and availability of personnel, costs in materials and assembly of physical infrastructures, catering costs, security and hygiene costs… among others.
  • Security: as there is no physical contact between the participants, security and hygiene measures are not necessary.
  • Speed: connecting to a virtual platform requires less time than holding a face-to-face event.
  • Interaction: virtual events favour individual interaction of each of the participants, so nobody will be left behind.
  • Measurable results: we can make an exact measurement in real time of everything that is happening.
  • Confidence: the participant is in the comfort of their home or office, causing a state of tranquillity that is not offered by an unfamiliar place.
  • Attendance: the virtual format of the event favours, for all the above reasons, a higher rate of attendance by offering more facilities.
  • Durability: it is very easy to record the entire event and relive it afterwards.
  • Visibility: as it is a virtual event, it is very easy to use communicative speakers such as email, social networks, etc. to invite a large number of participants, who otherwise would not be able to attend due to lack of knowledge.
  • Eminencies: as it has a very low cost in terms of personal effort, it is more likely that an eminence of the sector will consider and agree to participate in the event.

Another alternative to the face-to-face event: hybrid event

There is another modality that combines the advantages of both worlds. This is the hybrid event: a mix between face-to-face and virtual event. This is a type of dynamic in which the presence of certain participants in a room is combined, while the rest of the attendees do it telematically. It should not be confused with mere broadcasting to television viewers, that is not what it is about. In hybrid events, virtual participation is combined with physical participation, i.e. both sides of the screen are involved in the dynamics, workshops, exercises, team building, etc.

Like 100% virtual events, hybrids are also a solution that has been around for a long time. Current circumstances have favoured the rise of this type of corporate communication tool, with a virtual character, for security reasons.

One disadvantage of any online method is that it requires a company specialised in the software map and specific tools for its implementation. Es.Cultura has the experience, the team and the appropriate means to do so, since innovation and being the spearhead of the sector has always been one of our driving forces. It is not in vain that we are proud to offer you all the programs that you have been able to see on this section and we invite you to take a look at them. Since we produce our own programs, they can be modified and personalized to suit the client.

Consider contacting us through this form and we will inform you much more thoroughly about the programmes, customised budgets, times, materials, etc. Es.Cultura is a guarantee of success for virtual events.

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