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event plannerThe events industry is constantly evolving. Demand for highly competent and creative event planners is rising every day and so is the demand for qualified personnel: people who put their heart and soul into a project and not only achieve the initial goals, but also go above and beyond to ensure the maximum success possible.

An event planner covers a wide range of functions from logistical setup to tailored communication campaigns and more. Basically, an event planner always has to be there to ensure that every single detail is covered in the organisation and execution of your event. What exactly does it take to be an event planner?

Characteristics of an Event Planner

Excellent organization

A professional event planner values scheduling, excel sheets, whiteboards, or whichever other tool that helps bring order to chaos. An event planner should be compared to a chameleon, able to adapt rapidly to new circumstances and environments. Years of practice and experience are what make an event planner able to cater to every need in record time.

Attentive listener

And as if that weren’t enough already, they also need to be attentive listeners, “nature gave us two eyes and two ears, but only one mouth, so that we could listen to and observe twice as much as we could speak”. And this is what it’s all about, to always be aware, to never get lost and to always be able to respond instantly to the needs of the market.

Always giving

The work of an event planner is never done! You always need to stay connected and ultra-alert in a constant continuum of networking; creation; and interconnection of ideas, people, and organizations. The law of reciprocity is engraved in their mind, human beings have a built in concept of “if we receive, we give”. An event planner is constantly on the prowl. They believe in talent and are great headhunters. In case you hadn’t figured it out already, they need to make quick decisions to sometimes prevent the whole machinery from grinding to a halt.

Fully charged 24/7

Are you familiar with the term “active rest”, popular in the world of sports and fitness? You could go as far as to say that is was borrowed from the event industry! In the world of the event planner, true rest doesn’t exist. To rest means to go from 110% to 60%. This profession requires you to be ready to hit the ground running at any moment.

A sociable person

What would an event planner be without their team? Well, nothing, really. Group collaboration and support is essential to this job, and it’s impressive how many good ideas are born from working closely with other people.

Always calm and positive

“Wax on, wax off.” Mr. Miyagi gave us a great lesson on how the key to success is to have a composed and positive mindset that is focussed on obtaining a specific goal. The importance of having a positive attitude is becoming more and more recognized in the workplace, to such an extent that companies create roles for Chief Happiness Officers within their ranks.

Decision making

This is a fundamental part of the job! An event planner needs to have nerves of steel and enough experience to undertake any type of event and overcome all the hurdles that lie in his or her wake.

What tools does an event planner always have at hand?

An event planner will no doubt carry around a large number of electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops) to stay connected and up to date at all times. Nothing escapes them, beit calls, news, trends, etc. If we search through an event planner’s pockets, you’ll almost always certainly find something to take down notes: a post-it, a napkin, or a phone; the important thing is to be able to record whatever idea that comes to mind at any moment.

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