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event decoration tipsEvents are rarely a simple affair; a number of factors go into planning an event and missing just one of them could make the difference between a successful event and a complete disaster. Matters get a little more complicated when you organise a themed event or dinner, as the decoration of your event and atmosphere that you are trying to create take centre stage.

We certainly know a thing or two about decorating an event! We have dedicated the past twenty years creating our own decorations for all types of corporate events in Spain. In this post, we share some of the knowledge we have gained.

What do you need to consider for a themed event?

First of all, for your event to be as realistic as possible, you need to choose top quality materials to recreate the scenery. Shortcuts will rarely work, so make sure your materials will last the length of your event.

Next up, make sure you hire a team of professionals who know how to handle all the necessary tools in order to bring your ideas to life. As with any event, hiring the right people is vital.

Thirdly, set out from the start what type of event you want to run and what overall goals you hope to achieve from your event. Organising an event only makes sense if you know what purpose it fulfills: are you bringing professionals together for a conference? Are you rewarding your teams with an incentive trip? Are you attempting to improve your team’s productivity with an elaborate team building exercise? Knowing what type of event and goals you are aiming to achieve will help you plan the decorations for your event, so the overall feel of the event makes sense to your attendees and helps set the scene for whatever you have in store for them.

Finally, make sure you know which venue you are decorating. Find out the location, accessibility (for the larger and more elaborate productions that need large props), size of the venue, whether it is an indoors or an outdoors event, and a number of other factors (don’t hesitate to ask us which ones in the comments below).

equipo produccion trabajando en la resolución de problemas en la organización de eventos
equipo produccion trabajando en la resolución de problemas en la organización de eventos

Event decoration examples to draw inspiration from

Since one image is worth a thousand words, we thought we would give you some examples of the themed events and other productions we have organised and decorated.

The 1920’s

Some decades left a strong mark on History, and the 1920’s were certainly legendary and memorable. Back then it was all about Charleston music, fringes, abundance, dancing, and feathers! One of our clients contracted us to recreate the magic of the 1920’s, and we eagerly accepted the challenge. Some of the ingredients that were used to making this unforgettable event? Professional actors, a plot that unravelled during the event, “customised” catering, team work, and many man hours conjuring decorations for the event. Discover it all for yourselves in the video and image gallery below:

The 1980’s

Another decade, and without a doubt one of our favourites: the 1980’s. Music and dance were the big thing of the 80’s and so were they the central piece of our themed event. Attendees enjoyed the music and disguises of some of the decade’s hottest pop icons, Madonna and Michael Jackson among others. Something else made a big appearance in the 80’s, and those were video arcades.

Seville’s Feria de Abril

Although we now also have offices in Madrid and in Valencia, Es.cultura Events is originally from Seville, land of flamenco music and dance. Naturally, we had to honour our heritage by recreating the city’s landmark annual festivity, the Feria de Abril. On the cards: music, dancers, colourful decorations and farolas, serrano ham, rebujito, and many more elements to make the event as genuine as possible.


Do you remember the cult film Grease? The movie has left a stamp on everyone’s minds and to this day it remains one of the most popular films ever to be released. It was with great pleasure that we paid tribute to the masterpiece with an event themed after the film. See for yourselves in the images below:

As you can see from the examples listed above, a lot of work goes into decorating an event in order to make it as genuine as possible. You need a solid and experienced team, a clear brief, good quality materials, a good sense of organisation, and a creative mind!

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