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From Es.Cultura Eventos, we have designed a health manual with several recommendations and standards that will be adapted and modified according to current regulations from the goverment. They are the minimum we consider necessary to be able to start working in the current scenario. They will not only be fulfilled by the company; rather, it is our responsibility to demand them from our partners and suppliers that collaborate with the company.



  • From home to workplace. It is recommended to put on the thermometer before leaving home. If you have high temperature or symptoms such as cough and / or difficult to breath, stay home, notify the company and call the public health service (112).
  • To go to the workplace, the worker have to choose the following  options from most to least recommended: walk, keeping a minimum distance of two meters from people and try not to touch any surfaces as possible, avoiding touching your face. It is recommended to wear a mask and gloves; use your own vehicle: whenever possible individually. If vehicle is shared, each person must go in a row and diagonally; It is important to disinfect the vehicle after each use, especially the parts that have been handled. Try to touch as few surfaces as possible and not touch your face.
  • Upon arrival at the office, it is recommended to clean shoes on disinfectant mat
  • Hand washing with soap and water or hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Separation of desks of at least 1.5 meters
  • Ventilation and exhaustive office cleaning, with special emphasis on common areas
  • Use of masks for all workers (when sneezing, wiping with a tissue and disposing of it in a dustbin with lid and pedal.
  • People who are considered at risk (pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, employees with a lung disease … etc.) must remain at home and telecommuting.
  • We will carry out control of personnel access, both internal and external as far as possible, the accumulation of personnel at the entrance to the work center through staggered access (eg entry every 5 min.) And with external personnel by appointment. The same control will be made for leaving the office, establishing shifts to avoid leaving at the same time.
  • Taking a PRL course (health risk prevention) against the risks that Covid-19 implies.

For the disinfection of electronic equipment, specific products must be used, applied with a cloth, or special disinfecting wipes. – Do not share work equipment or devices of other employees. In the event that there is an alternation in the use of certain equipment or devices, the hotel must establish cleaning and disinfection guidelines between use and use to reduce the risk of contagion.


Health measures indoor

  • The personnel who attend the room (in a congress, event, auditorium, etc.) will have to comply with some minimum rules: the access personnel in rooms must control the entrance and exit doors to prevent attendees from having to manipulate them to open and close.
  • If the room staff only has to accommodate, they will do so always keeping the minimum safety distance. Room staff must monitor at all times that attendees are located respecting the safety distances set by the organizer.
  • If the room is large and there is a security separation between the attendees, the room staff may use a mask or face protection screen. In the case of a smaller room, the mask will be mandatory for the entire session, in addition to or instead of the protection screen.
  • Protective gloves should be used to handle all the elements that the room staff must use (microphones, water bottles, glasses or cups, table posters for speakers, temperature control knobs, computers, etc.) and check with the organization that the material is disinfected before use every day. – If it is necessary to pass the microphones, it will be done maintaining the safety distance, protecting the room staff with a mask and / or face shield depending on the safety distance.
  • Disinfection will be carried out between each use (for this, the necessary elements will be provided (cotton and hydroalcoholic solutions spray) as well as microphones protected with easy-to-clean elements or single-use sponges.
  • In case of using a bar reader to control access, the use of a mask will be mandatory, although it is recommended that the assistant carry the accreditation in hand and can extend the arm to show it, in order to maintain a distance higher.
  • If attendees must collect simultaneous translation material before entering the room, the staff must also be protected with gloves, a face shield and / or a mask, depending on whether the organizer has placed a protective screen in front of them or not. Gloves will be mandatory when having to manipulate documentation from the assistants to deliver the translator.
  • In the changing rooms, large areas will be enabled to be able to change while maintaining the safety distance”. In addition, the work areas will be assigned, and clear signage of the work area for each worker. Thus, discriminating each position; for example: assemblers, actors … etc.

We will have the presence of support staff  at events in this situation, since strict compliance with sanitary security measures is very important, and our company guarantees the training and preparation of all staff.


  • All workers will have their compulsory safety equipments and shifts will be established by type of work to avoid crowds in the room (or safeguard safety distance outdoors) and maximum social distancing.
  • Signal in the spaces occupied for the event with relevant information (queue, indications for hand washing … etc)
  • Reduction of physical documentation to 100%, and if it is to be distributed, do it with the appropriate security measures and without the possibility of sharing material among the attendees.
  • Protective screens in desks, as well as the place that requires it (as an information point)
  • All staff will be trained in the manual of good practices, as well as their corresponding PRL courses.
  • The monitors / actors will wear masks and gloves, apart from keeping the safety distance.
  • Depending on the type of uniform or clothing the staff wears, the type of cleaning will be established. Since the uniform should only be used during the working day, the company will take care of the washing of the staff’s work clothes, (in case this has been offered by Escultura eventos), ensuring the cleaning of the same at a temperature > 60ºC. In the event that the washing of the staff uniform / wardrobe is done at the staff’s home, Escultura eventos will inform the employees that the washing must be carried out at> 60ºC.
  • Workwear must be placed in a closed bag if the staff transports it to their houses, and in the event that it returns to the company, it will be bagged until it can be washed. In those cases in which the uniforms cannot be washed at said temperature, an adequate disinfection must be carried out.
  • During the activity / challenge points, everything will be arranged so that it happens without any social contact, or manteining the safety distance
  • Ozone generator in rooms: Disinfection and purification of air, water, and elimination of bacteria, viruses and fungus (Indoor)
  • Mobile thermographic camera or non-contact thermometer: This will analyze the body temperature of each assistant
  • Appropriate and trained cleaning teams.
  • In case the attendees do not bring their masks and gloves, the company will provide them with some, as well as hydroalcoholic sanitizer.

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