Who is who? This is the soul of our event production company: its people; the team that makes dreams possible, who enable your ideas and your wildest fantasies to materialize into cost-effective events.

  • David Serrano Gutiérrez
    David Serrano Gutiérrez CEO
  • Elena Maestro Pacheco
    Elena Maestro Pacheco Projects director - Sevilla office head
  • Alejo Serrano Jiménez
    Alejo Serrano Jiménez Communication and Marketing Director / Expansion and development
  • Mario Serrano Gutiérrez
    Mario Serrano Gutiérrez DiscoverON director
  • María del Mar Rubio Aguilera
    María del Mar Rubio Aguilera Mediterráneo office Head
  • Esperanza Luengo Terrades
    Esperanza Luengo Terrades Production Department
  • María Marín López
    María Marín López Project department
  • Victoria Fargallo
    Victoria Fargallo Project department
  • Rocío Molina
    Rocío Molina Project department
  • Blanca Serrano
    Blanca Serrano Administration
  • Paco Corbacho Trigueros
    Paco Corbacho Trigueros National Production and specials events Director
  • Miguel Mas
    Miguel Mas Production Department
  • Maria del Carmen Martinez
    Maria del Carmen Martinez Administration
  • José Antonio García Gelo
    José Antonio García Gelo Performing Arts / Atrezzista
  • Hugo Fagés
    Hugo Fagés DiscoverON Operations Director
  • Omaima Arib
    Omaima Arib Project department
  • Jesús Senín
    Jesús Senín MKG20 technical Director
  • Leticia Callejo
    Leticia Callejo Production Department
  • Carlos Palomar González-Alorda
    Carlos Palomar González-Alorda MKG 2.0 webmaster & graphic design
  • Isabel Bonilla
    Isabel Bonilla Production Department
  • Ana Rallo
    Ana Rallo Production Department/
  • Ana María Sánchez
    Ana María Sánchez MKG20 Community Manager
  • María Valverde
    María Valverde Marketing/ Project department
  • Palmira Álvarez
    Palmira Álvarez DiscoverON Project manager
  • Carlos Rodríguez
    Carlos Rodríguez Production Department
  • José Manuel Franco
    José Manuel Franco Communication / creativity manager
  • Inmaculada Valenzuela
    Inmaculada Valenzuela Web design MKG 2.0
  • José Luis Falcón
    José Luis Falcón Digital strategy/ SEO & SEM
  • Jorge Leon
    Jorge Leon Administration
  • Ana Becerra
    Ana Becerra

Our Christmas... our team.










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