It is a technique that allows reflection, communication and to solve problems, which can be used by organizations working teams and people in general. It is based on the concept of “Knowledge in the hands”.

It has principal ideas about organizations and leadership:

  • Leaders do not have all the answers. Your success depends on you listening to all the voices of your team.
  • People by nature want to express their opinion.
  • Allowing each team member to make their contribution generates more sustainable projects.
  • Teams often work below their optimum and miss out on their members’ knowledge.
  • We live in a complex and adaptive world.

The core process that constitutes LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) in essence are four steps:

  1. Ask QUESTIONS: To Introduce a challenge to the participants without a correct or obvious solution.
  2. BUILD: Participants will build a model with LEGO pieces and they will develop a story that conveys the meaning of it.
  3. SHARE: Each participant shares their story.
  4. REFLECT: As a way to internalize and cement the story, it stimulates reflection on what was heard and seen in the model.

There are 7 techniques to apply this methodology, which according to the the meeting will be used in one way or another.

  • Construction of individual models.
  • Construction of shared models.
  • Creating a scenario.
  • Establish connections.
  • Construction of a system.
  • Play Emerging and Decisions
  • Extract Basic Guiding Principles.

The science that is behind this methodology is based on games, constructionism, and the connection between hands and mind.


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