Taking into account the high popularity of cooking shows nowadays, we offer you a program for participants to demonstrate their skills in preparing a recipe

Participants will be split into teams of 10/12 people. Each team must think and discuss about the dish they are going to cook once they have seen the ingredients we have arranged for them

These ingredients will be displayed as if they were in a market but participants will discover that their names have changed. Each ingredient will be named as a particular value. These values will be the ones the company wishes to reinforce and improve with this event. So for instance, tomatoes will be empathy, peppers will be determination, garlic will be courage, etc. These names will be written down on a sign next to the different goods.

Each team must write down the recipe they are going to cook using the “value names”. That is, 2 kg of empathy, 1 kg of determination, a touch of courage, etc..

Participants must show their cooking skills but also their creativity to surprise, but always taking into account that they have to give a name to their gastronomic creation. A name that must be related to the values they have used to cook it. For that reason, it is very important they think about what they are going to cook before selecting ingredients.


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