Participants in this Gymkhana of Clowns will have the choice of collaborating with this magic foundation since the aim of this programme is the donation of Giggle Doctors visits to hospitals

Participants will be divided into teams of 15 people approx. All the teams will stop at the different trials, although in different order.

The trials of this Gymkhana will be based on the clown world. That is, participants will learn to be a good clown. So, for instance, during the different trials they will be shown how to make globoflexia (making shapes with balloons), face-painting, to be a good storyteller, dressing and making-up themselves, etc.

After each trial, and depending on the results, they will receive a clown nose. The largest number of noses they get, the more visits to hospitals they will achieve. 1 visit is 4 noses. If we have 8 trials they could get 2 visits.


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