The most important thing for a company is the workforce. People are the main spine column. They form its DNA.

All of us being together and situated in the same room, we will have an initial briefing to explain the activity. Next, the participants will be divided into teams of approximately 10-12 persons.

To start off, the participants will have to overcome different challenges where teamwork is essential.  As they carry out the challenges, they will obtain the necessary materials for the construction of the Company’s DNA.

Once the participants have gained the necessary material, we will get on with work. Each team will have to create a link approximately two-metres long for the DNA chain, which will be put together with the links from the other teams. They will be able to personalize the balloons with whatever pattern they consider to be important and part of the Company’s DNA.


Specialized monitors.

Materials for testing the first phase.

Custom chart material and material to customize the balloons.

Balloons of different colors (chosen by the company)


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